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After 3 preseason games.. WRs

  • Who you feeling?

    So.. the obvious are still the obvious:


    The pretty sure is still the pretty sure:

    Jaron Brown.

    And then?

    Brandon Marshall showed up in the game , not just in practice and against Rhodes no less.. so that seems to make him a lock a pretty sure?

    David Moore has made the team I think. I mean, honestly, as pure receivers I am starting to think some of these players might be upgrades over Lockett... there a 6th WR and who is it?


    The popular pick is Johnson but I think I go Reynolds right now. He is the best slot guy and we dont have a true slot back up, he seems best on special teams and has lots of room to grow.

    (for those familiar with my twitter battle on this issue with Bob Condotta..he now lists Darboh as getting cut as well, something he told me wouldnt happen)

  • I think they'll end up going with 5 and using the 6 WR spot somewhere else.

    Baldwin, Lockett, Marshall, Brown and Moore.

  • My Order:

    • Doug Baldwin
    • Tyler Lockett
    • Brandon Marshall
    • Jaron Brown
    • David Moore
    • Amara Darboh (Don't @ Me)

    I like Reynolds but I have more hopes for him to make the PS. Johnson was someone who we traded for but I don't think he's done enough to move away from the other guys fighting for playing time.

  • If they go with just 5 we will see one more fan pre season favorite cut and even more melt down.

    I think with the new kickoff rules you need more position type players so I would think 6 but who knows!

    Sammy hanging tough with Darboh. He has literally shown nothing and been hurt now for 3 weeks. He has the size they want.. this last game could be big for this position group.

  • @veda-the-moor If they go with 6 do you see them going with 4 Running backs, and a Fullback? I could see them going with 5 WR so they can keep 5 Running backs...Carson, Penny, Davis, Prosise (Pete seems to love him), and McKissic (I think they keep him as they are afraid he'll be picked up by someone else).

  • They have to keep 6 Backs;

    • Starter: Carson
    • Back-up: Penny
    • 3rd-Down Back: Prosise
    • Back-up RB: Davis
    • Utility: McKissic (Will probably start the season on IR)
    • FB: Madden

    Davis is insurances for both Prosise and McKissic, he's also the only one that's never gotten hurt which is huge for the team.

    I am actually indifferent on Darboh; I would rather keep Reynolds or Johnson. I'm projecting what I think the Seahawks are doing and Darboh still has the edge because the Seahawks probably think they can PS Reynolds or Johnson.

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