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Preseason Game #3 Seahawks @ Vikings

  • Youtube Video

    Broadcast: Q13 FOX
    Time: 5:00PM
    Location: US Bank Stadium

  • Happy Gameday!!!!

  • Thompson hurt.. hope its not bad......

  • Thompson back in. Bad defense.

  • We had the ball for 3 plays of the first quarter. So, yea, learning a lot about our offense.

    Defense cant stop anything.

  • Well.. not much good going on so far though Mingo has made 2 good plays so far, which is more than hed made all preseason up to now. Bobby Wagner had an impressive sack that was nullified by a pretty blatant hold by Griffin.

  • That three and out was as much about Viking play calling as Seattle D....

  • Mingo.. another big play, this time on special teams.

    Reynolds at WR intrigues me. He looks like Baldwin , no? He was someone who really flashed early in training camp but hasnt had many chances. Today he is getting a longer look. I dont know who else we have who is really a great slot type. Could he play himself into consideration?

    Brandon Marshall showing up in the game today. I was worried at the gap up to now between how hes looked in practice vs on the field.. but really went up and high pointed that ball earlier. Maybe he still can get it done against starting CBs?

  • Do the Seahawks look like they are hitting harder this year? Am I projecting?

  • Hawks D looks fast and aggressive tonight. O-li... I'm not saying it. RUN GAME looks serious about making a big impact this season.

  • Walden already showing up. Against the 2nd team but its encouraging.

  • 55 yarder.. GOOD! And I guess thats why we kept SeaBass!

  • Lots of positives in this game. Yes, they lost but the 1st team looked great and the 2nd team won 95% of their snaps.

    Wilson looks like he's ready to play meaningful games.

    The OL + Run game looks like it's going to be competent.

    RT Ifedi looked like he wasn't going to be abused all game long where as Fant didn't do anything good/bad. I felt that offense didn't gel as well when he was in the 1st-string line (but that could be more situational rather than anything else).

    Carson looks great. Davis looked good. Prosise didn't get hurt.

    David Moore had a great game.

    The rookies on the defense were flying all over the field.

    Dickson makes punts fun to watch because he's doing amazing things with the ball.

    The people that stood out poorly were the ones that didn't take advantage of their opportunities. Tanner McEvoy looks to be gone. His size is worthless if he can't use this hands to secure the ball when he's such a big target.

    Austin Davis looks worse than last year but I don't know if the Seahawks are ready to have a rookie QB as their back-up. I would go with McGough. I though he played great in the 2nd half.

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