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Through This Fans Eyes - In Awe

  • “It’s important for us to do a better job of getting guys in the building that aren’t necessarily in awe of the Kam Chancellors and Bobby Wagners and Russell Wilsons,” Schneider told 710 ESPN Seattle’s John Clayton. “We want guys in that building that want to compete with them.”


    This quote has been on my mind ever since I read it a few months ago. To me, it explains everything: 1) Why the reserves just didn't get it done when their time was called and also 2) Why I believe the future of the Seahawks is bright.

    I get it. I really do. The time is mid-1970's and KISS just hired me to play guitar with Ace Frehley because Paul Stanley wanted to be the lead singer. As a kid now in the big leagues playing next to a person I idolize, I would be in awe and in no way would want to take his job. I want to have my picture taken with him!! I'm playing rhythm guitar next to THE ACE FREHLEY night after night! Man, I made it!!

    Based on the words of JS, this is how I believe some players felt that were brought to the Seahawks at the positions of Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman. It most likely applies to other positions too. I mean the Seahawks had like 7 pro bowlers 2 years in a row in 2015 and '16. But the Seahawks secondary, the legendary Legion Of Boom, not only intimidated opposing offenses, they may have also become too Larger-than-Life to even compete against.

    Now, in 2018, the Legion Of Boom is no more. Richard Sherman is a 49er, Earl Thomas is in a contract dispute and not showing up to Training Camp, and Kam Chancellor is having some difficulty coming back from a neck injury and may not make it back at all. Losing our Legion breaks my heart as a fan. However, their absence re-sets the table that brought to us our beloved LOB. Competition will again reign supreme. No one will be assumed the 16-game, no-matter-what starter at their position. This season, game and practice performance will dictate playing time. The adage that we've heard in countless Seahawk player interviews that "iron sharpens iron" will not only apply to the offense vs. defense battles but will now take place within the position groups.

    The first iteration of Pete Carroll's "Always Compete" mantra brought us a collection of players that became NFL legends and brought Seattle their 1st Super Bowl. This season, the 2nd iteration begins.

    And I am here for it.

  • I've been preaching this for some time. New players were gonna' be in the shadow of the legends. The legends with strong personalities. Lynch, Bennett, Sherman, Thomas and Chancellor. Whoa!😲 Now they get to be themselves! To create their own identity/persona.
    The king is dead...long live the king. 😉

  • And on a side note: My younger brother Dean (RIP), claimed he gave Ace his first guitar lesson when they both went to DeWitt Clinton H.S. in the Bronx. More Lymon trivia? LOL

  • @lymon Duuuuude!! Thats awesome!

  • Really nice assessment of the situation @Birdfinger.

    If seems kind of silly that this was the thing holding us back. I think it's easy to look at a guy like Christine Michael that thought he was too big out of the gate and it showed with his lack of dedication.

    If this is what the FO used to address the new guys then I am even more excited this 2018 Draft Class.

  • Really great writing here Birdfinger, and really good topic. We actually touched on this a bit in our podcast last night -- one reason Im basically done with Earl Thomas as a Seahawk..and no animosity at all exactly this. I want T2 to own that position, and to be confident.. and if its in him, grow into a leader. I dont know that he ever does that if living legend Earl Thomas is right there.

    I mean.. look at Bobby Wagner this year. Listen to his interviews. At training camp.. he was a different guy. And I dare say, probably a better leader..than some of the guys who have been here. And when those guys were here, he just was..quiet. Still led by example. At training camp he was out early..usually the first defensive guy on the field (with KJ). Interacting with the fans. Building up his team mates to the fans, encouraging and teaching in drills. When some other, maybe bigger voices were there he couldnt do that.

    So what is like for a rookie then, right? Now.. for the most part.. it seems to be team meetings with equals. Players are less likely to hold back , on any level.

    Its an interesting concept though, to think about and maybe something teams need to consider more, depending on the status of their veterans.

  • We love this topic so much it's going to be our Hawks Cast Corner on the latest podcast.

    Thanks @Birdfinger!

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