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George Fant moved to RT to compete with Ifedi for the starting Job

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    Gregg Bell from the Tacoma News Tribune:

    Maybe the Seahawks heard you.
    More likely, they’d seen enough of the pass-protection issues—and enough of George Fant’s return from reconstructive knee surgery to believe he’s now ready to compete at right tackle.
    Fant, the former college basketball power forward who was Seattle’s surprising starting left tackle as an undrafted rookie in 2016 then had a season-ending knee injury last August, moved from left to right tackle for the first time Tuesday in practice. He took scrimmage plays there with the second-team offense in two sessions while struggling starter Germain Ifedi remained with the first-team offense.
    The long-awaited move of Fant from left to right that Carroll and general manager John Schneider first mentioned in March comes almost four weeks after Seattle started training camp and 2 1/2 weeks before the season opener. That’s Sept. 9 at Denver.

    I don't know what it means that we are hoping a guy that's played less than 8 games at LT in his career is suddenly going to save us over Ifedi.

    I welcome the ride but not excited for either options. Maybe slight edge to Fant because he's not shown to be as volatile as Ifedi's emotions are.

  • I don't know.. we were hyped for him to be the LT last year.

    I see his inexperience as a plus. If you're inexperienced at a position but have played a long time.. in skeptical. If you're still new to football, I'm optimistic. Hopefully he grows into it!

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