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Jason Myers has also been released

  • Looks like we know who the kicking team will be this year.


  • Special teams is complete.

    They let their LS go earlier before the first pre-season game.

    Now they've settled their K and P game after the 2nd pre-season game.

    I don't think anyone is surprised... maybe if you didn't know what Seabass looked like before he first played back in 1985, it maybe a surprise.

  • Yeah, I don't think anyone is surprised by the moves. Once you saw that Dickson and Seabass were taking all the first team kicks, you knew the competitions (if you can call the Dickson/Ryan ever a competition) were over.

  • Im a little surprised at this .. SeaBass seems to have the range on him but I hadnt seen or heard that Myers was any less accurate..SeaBass has tremendous power and that gives opportunities, but he isnt a super accurate kicker.

    Thought it might also be worth saving the leg during preseason..SeaBass is no spring chicken.

    Its cool to have Janikowski though.. gives all of us with Dad bods delusions of grandeur.."I could be out there if THAT guy is.."

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