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Deadspin's Why Your Team Sucks: Seattle Seahawks

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    I told you Blair Walsh would fuck you good, and he did. HOW DOES IT FEEL, YOU FUCKS?!!!!! See how you like it for once! I feel whole again. The best part is that Blair’s shank here ended up being the difference because Pete Carroll, for Pete Carroll reasons, ran a fake field goal at the end of the first half in that game from the 35-yard-line.
    “It would have been a really good call if we would have made it. It was something we saw, that we wanted to do. It was a terrific opportunity, right where we wanted it. The defensive tackle made a better play. He wasn’t supposed to be there.”
    But why was he? Simple defensive execution against a hilariously stupid play, or WAS IT THE BELL-LUMINATI?!
    This was Seattle’s first year out of the playoffs since 2011. If I were you, I’d get used to that sort of thing because the 2017 season represented the beginning of the end of these Seahawks. They lost at home to the Skins. They got rolled by Blake Bortles. They had to sit back and watch as the Rams became what they were just a few years ago. Two of their best defenders openly beefed in public. Their rookie lineman showed more aggression getting arrested than he ever showed on the field of play. Their 2017 second-round pick got hurt in an ATV accident and will never play football again.

    I love reading these about other teams; so it's only fair that I read what non-fans think about us.

  • The photo itself is pretty funny..the longer you look at it the funnier it gets.

  • Fugg him and the horse he rode in on! What team does he root for?

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    Drew Magary is a Vikings fans and he hates the Seahawks for their playoff loss when Blair Walsh missed the go-ahead kick.

    He has been rooting for the Seahawks demise and has called Wilson a phony for like 4-years straight.

    Here's what he wrote for the Vikings and the 2016 season after Walsh missed his kick in the playoffs:

    Your team: Blair missed the kick.
    Your 2015 record: I don’t even remember because Blair missed the kick. Here…
    I don’t… Ugh, just… Look man, shit like this only happens when God wants to fuck you.
    This is the part where I disclose to you that I am a Vikings fan. That means no matter what I say on this website about any other team, or any other fans, or any other city, you can go right ahead and throw this goddamn kick right back in my face and I will be unable to respond. I am a deer in headlights when confronted with the absolute and total failure of my own stupid, asshole team. God fucking dammit. TWENTY-SEVEN YARDS, BLAIR. I don’t care if it was cold enough to kill a Tauntaun. From 27 yards the corpse of Denny Green could have made that kick. My alcoholism is on you.

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