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Seahawks offered a 2nd round pick for Jacoby Brissett (reportedly)


    Dear Lorde WHAT??

    Hmm.... if they truly value the backup QB this much when does the Bridgewater to Seahawks trade talk start?

    No lie, the backup QB spot isn't being appropriately addressed with Austin Davis and Mcgough (sp?) in my opinion. They can battle for a QB-3 spot but I don't like either as a 2. But using a 2nd rd pick on a backup qb? Not really a fan of that.

    That is, IF the report is to be believed.

  • Gregg Bell @gbellseattle
    No, we should believe the leveraging has already begun between the #Seahawks, Russell Wilson's camp a year ahead of his contract ending
    Nathan Freeman @NateFreemanNFL
    Should we not believe the Boston Globe?

    (Cut and Paste from Gregg Bells Twitter)

    Ah, Greg is thinking this is a Russell contract thing? So offering a two was supposed to indicate they are willing to have Brissett take over for Wilson should he leave?

    I don't know if that would really shake the Wilson camp.

  • Pretty crazy rumor.

    Seahawks don't have a 2019 2nd rounder due to the trade with Houston for LT Duane Brown.

    2020 is their next 2nd they could trade.

    I chalk it up to pure rumor at this point. Why spend that kind of draft capital on a back up?


    LaCanfora says Seahawks did NOT offer a 2. Hmmmmm....

  • This reeks for desperation.

    A 2nd round pick for a back-up is a huge waste.

    Either this is really bad way for the Colts to build up a trade market for Brissett or it's an even stupider ploy by someone else to lower his value. Maybe the Seahawks offered a 6th rounder for him but at this point, why would a Boston outlet report on a player outside of their market and division? Maybe Brissett's people are trying to burn a fire for him to get more value and a starting gig somewhere.

    If I were to bank of a team needing a QB to start in 2018, it would not be in Seattle; Indy seems like a greater chance to start with Lucky's injury history.

  • I think that Boston paper reported it because he's a former Patriot. But this whole thing sounds so far fetched for JS/PC to offer up for any reason. Bell's point of a possible negotiation tactic is laughable. Brissett isn't scaring anyone. If its from the Colts or Brissett's camp it really sounds desperate.

    Negotiations are weird though. Wouldn't doubt that is all this amounts to.

  • To me..its like a game of telephone.. Seahawks I have no doubt asked about Brissett, because their OC likes him.. so they called and the Colts said a 2nd! and then 10 people heard the story and suddenly the Seahawks offered a 2nd ..that they dont have.

    Im ok with McGough. Hes not catching the world on fire.. but I think he will be ok in time.

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