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Interesting article...

  • I wanted to like the article.. its conclusion is one I want to believe. But the stat the author has created is ..well..crap. He presumably doesnt use any other Qb evaluating stat because he finds them flawed..and so uses all three..? QBR is horribly flawed and over rewards super short passes and conservative play.. I hate the statistic so much. DVOA.. well.. you want to tell me someone really went back and really watched every play of Unitas' career?

    I agree that Russ is better than many say..but will search elsewhere for evidence to support it.

    Thanks though, Austin for the post.. got my juices flowing for the discussion!!

  • Good find.

    I was waiting for an "aha" moment but then I realized that I already consider Wilson to be among the top-5 QBs in the league already.

    What this article really solidifies is how efficient Wilson is with the football. It's not prayer passes and break-away plays defining his career. All QBs get bailed out everyone once in a while but Wilson bails out his offensive line, RBs, TEs, and WRs just as much.

    I remember talking to Seahawk fans that still didn't think that Wilson was "great" because he didn't put up stats, efficiencies be-damned. We have seen his evolution and the one thing is clear that he has gotten better and better. Inspite of his injury he was still efficient with the ball.

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