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Pre-Season Injuries

    • WR Doug Baldwin has been injured since the first week of camp. He's scheduled to be ready for the Season Opener in Denver.
    • RB Rashaad Penny broke his hand and went to Philly to repair the damage. Of all the bones to break, this is the least impactful as he'll still be able to run and get a chance for walk-thrus. He won't be able to carry/catch/block though.
    • DE Dion Jordan is on the PUP and there's no word on exactly when he'll be back.
    • TE Ed Dickson is still dealing with a non-football injury with no timeline to return.
    • RB CJ Prosise is perpetually injured.
    • OT Jamarco Jones has a high-ankle sprain from the first pre-season game.

  • Dion Jordanine bothers me the most...

  • @veda-the-moor said in Pre-Season Injuries:

    Dion Jordanine bothers me the most...

    But does it bother you as much as Dion Jordan's injury? 🙂

  • Thats why I dont post much from my phone. lol.

    Dion Jordan I had really high expectations of.

    Ed Dickson may have doomed himself.. the other TEs have really played well.

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