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Watching the Oakland Raiders preseason game (sort of)

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    Only half paying attention while working..but I look up and there is a Raider.. #81..with "BROWN" on the back of the jersey.. and my mind short circuits for a second because that was Tim Brown's number...

    Hard to retire jerseys..but maybe give Brown a different number. Its weird to see a Brown in a Raider jersey #81 that isnt TIM.

  • That's the NFL now. With 90-man rosters you can only retires so many of them without running into conflicts and also with position restrictions.

    Zorn's #10 is used by a WR (Last 4 years it was Paul Richardson)
    Krieg's #17 is used by a WR
    Warner's #28 is used by Justin Coleman
    Alexander's #37 is used by a CB
    Strong's #38 is used by a FB
    Largent's #80 is still being used by Jerry Rice

    Jersey numbers not being used: #7, #25, #56, #60, #62, & #75

    Retired numbers: #12, #45, #71, #80 & #96

  • The Slag and Parley Forums

    The only one that occasionally bugs me is Zorn... not usually..but when its on some nobody.... Caleb Scott.. come on.

    The 90 man rosters do make it hard..but its still weird to see a new Brown running around with Tim Browns number.. Im sure it must have given some older times a second of confusion.

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