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Pre-Season Game #1 Colts vs. Seahawks

  • Youtube Video

    Broadcast: Q13 FOX
    Time: 7:00PM
    Location: CenturyLink Field

  • I am so ready for this game.


    Final score 15-9; Dickerson scores 3 drop-kick FGs and Janikowski and Myers both kick 50+ yard FGs.

  • Prosise is hurt again... #CutHim.

    Bob Condotta (@Veda-the-Moor Twitter Nemisis):

    Seahawks GM John Schneider says on pre-game radio show that C.J. Prosise has "a little hip injury'' and won't play tonight. That may also explain adding a running back earlier this week.

  • Looks like Duane Brown, Quinton Jefferson and Branden Jackson were in the locker room during the anthem.

    Ran on to the field after it was over.

  • Seahawks win the coin toss. Sign of things to come!

  • Colts convert on a couple of plays but settle for a field goal. Robert Turbin ends up converting on a 4th and 1 on a pass from Luck earlier in the drive.

    1st QTR 3-0 and time for Russell Wilson to get his first look of the 2018 year.

  • Starting OL
    LT Brown
    LG Pocic
    C Britt
    RG Fluker
    RT Ifedi

    1st play from scrimmage and Wilson takes a play-action play for a 6-yard run.

    On the 3rd play, Carson gets 4 on a run up the middle with no clear lanes.

  • Seahawks drive 75 yards, convert on a 4th and 1 of their own, Penny with key runs (and a pass block), Carson with huge, tough yards and Vannett scores a TD.

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    • 1st Team Offense, Wilson goes 4/5 with a TD, Carson gets the tough yards, Vannett catches a TD
    • Penny and Carson; both playing great in their limited snaps, really demonstrated a solid 1-2 combo whether it was the tough runs or the nice pass blocking
    • Rookie Defenders, Tre Flowers got a tough PI call but wasn't beat deep all game, Shaqueem made 4 tackles on the first 4 snaps he played, DE's Green and Martin had great pressure with the 2nd team Def
    • Will Dissly caught everything thrown his way, big target soft hands (reminds me of Zach Miller)
    • Competition at the kicking position; all Kickers and Punters played really well which means we won't have to settle on one
    • No injuries to the starters on offense/defense
    • RB's involved in the passing game (catching and pass blocking)


    • Ifedi... Just kidding; he wasn't a bad mark with is always a plus
    • Delano Hill misses a key tackle in the backfield that would have given the Seahawks a chance to win a meaningless game
    • Inconsistent flags, it's the pre-season for the refs too
    • Injuries to Jamarco Jones, Tre Madden and David Moore hurts our depth
    • Austin Davis have a dumb turnover which cost the Seahawks points after driving so well

  • Good game! First stringers looked good. Shaquem had a team high 9(?) tackles and was flying all around. If I'm honest, I feel Dickson is our new punter. He can kick as well as Ryan but at a lower price point. Rasheem Green looked like a great pick. He'll be formidable on the line.

    If I'm still being honest, I mostly watched Shaquem tonight. I didn't know I was gonna fanboy on him but I did. I was watching him like he was my son or something. Ridiculous. I'll shake it off after a couple games I think. But I know I'll be super protective of him and very sternly yell at my tv if the refs pick on him or a player gets in his face or something.

    I formally declare that the rookie I sponsor this season is Shaquem Griffin. Dibs. I called it. Get your own rookie.

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