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T2 Standing Out


    I think Im ready to move on from Earl for whatever we can get for him from an AFC team. I still think hes great..but hes asking for too much and going about it all wrong, and at this time.. I LIKE the fact the team is coalescing around the young, hungry players trying to prove themselves. Having Earl back at this time would actually almost make it awkward and stunt their growth. Not just of the back up free safety who goes back to the bench..but of everyone. All of a sudden there is the star in the room , in the position group, in the meetings that everyone defers to.. No. I think right now Im ok to go all in.

    And hearing from PC that T2 has made more plays than everyone else COMBINED.. yeah. Cool. Lets go with that. I feel lucky enough to have watched it the first few days of camp.

    Hearing about Jacob Martin and Tre Flowers on defense.. and even Jamarco Jones on the offensive line.. it reminds me those hungrier Seahawk teams and those teams really seem to suit PC's style.

    I will always love Earl..but what is best for the team today is taking the 3rd from Cleveland or Buffalo or Oakland and move on and then in about 10 years get his Ring of Honor position in place.

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