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7/31 Trainjng Camp Day 5 **UPDATED with today's report!

  • Alright, my final Training Camp of the year. I felt sad.I kind of want to stay and attend them all. May try to do that next year.

    Today was a frustrating day to watch.. most of the action was on field #3, the one that is perpendicular to the other 2. Its to the far left from the berm and hard to see from it. I failed to notice the camera tower was over there when I arrived so I had to relocate. Even relocating because that field doesnt really have a good way to see it. There is a very low hill running along it that doesnt provide a good view for anything other than the most superficial watching so as a result todays notes are sparse.

    The day started overcast but by 11am it was muggier than any other day Ive attended.

    Today was helmets and shoulder pads.

    The first 1/3 of practice was given over to special teams and there wasnt much to say about that because it wasnt running the full was punt catching, practice on punt return style blocking and pursuit, and so on. There just wasnt much to take away from it.

    After that the only thing I could see were linebacker individual drills..which again, was mostly on technique. The only thing really of note was the #59 Martin practiced mostly with the LBs, but played both as a DE and an LB.

    Got to some 7 on 7 on drills.. quite far from me. It seemed that todays safeties were Alexander at FS and McDougal at SS. The staff seem to really like McDougal as a starter. I dislike it. Later the same two were teamed at safety again but reversing which of the positions they played at. I need to look into Alexander's background because again, the staff seem to like him more than his play has merited so far.

    In the zone coverage drills today there was quite a bit of blitzing by the DBs again.. both outside and slot CBs.

    Shaquille Griffin intercepted a forced pass by Wilson during these drills. Lockett made a great play for a catch against Tyson, who seems to play better at safety.

    in 7 on 7s McEvoy finally made a good looking play that kind of gave me hope: he seemed to actually use his size and blocked out Thorpe for a catch. He had another good catch later in 11 vs 11s.

    Carter (CB, #1) was practicing today and nearly picked off a throw intended for Springfellow who didnt have a great day.

    During 11 on 11s, Johnson had a few good catches and he must be climbing the depth chart.. he has had a good day everyday.

    Penny drew "oohs" and "aahs" from the crowd on a great cut back run on the second play of the drills.

    The third play was a read option play with Russ keeping it and, although we would have been tackled, he ran it all the way to the end zone. What was interesting was that to keep the tempo up Austin Davis took the next snap in the drill as Russ made his way back.

    Austin Davis got reps ahead of McDougal for the most part today...neither he nor McDougal did much with their reps though. I dont recall either completing anything other than screens.

    During 11 on 11s I thought T2 and Delano Hill was the most effective and dynamic safety combo.

    There really is no back up slot corner and it shows up in 11 on 11 and 7 on 7 drills a lot..

    Darboh made some good plays today , first time he has stood out this camp. Made a great catch going against Maxwell.

    Jaron Brown had an up and down day but ended practice with another 40 some odd yard touchdown. Speed never has a bad day.

    I tried to watch pass rushing drills but I had an awful angle.

    So.. that was that for team and player observations.

    Of the random observations types:

    Saw a family with Seahawk T shirts in Hebrew. Pretty cool. Wonder where I could get one.

    On the small hill at the other field I got yelled at by a woman. Now, I was standing up.. 4 yards to her left. One step down. She was a woman of.. very large girth and sitting in a chair. She yelled at me to sit down. I refused. I was NOT anywhere near her and to get any view of the action you had to stand. If the woman would have stood she still wouldnt have been able to see anyway as she was too short and the players not in each play were standing between us and the play. So selfish. So lazy.

    And that was about it.

    My general ideas after 5 days:

    The pass rush is still a big question mark. No one is really stepping up. Mingo doesnt seem to be a play maker.

    Outside of the pass rush I think the defense looks good and hungry and I think the defense benefits from the elder group having moved on. Based on interviews, performance and attitude.. I think having Sherman and Kam and so on around caused the young guys to sort of hang back and shut up. Now, the Griffins, T2, Reed are stepping up and making things happen.

    The offense looks like it will be better. I still worry about Ifedi and am worried Pocic is just a guy, but at least we know that from the beginning. At receiver the group is no name but talented.. Reynolds and Johnson and Brown are legit and I still thing Stringfellow and Grayson have real potential.

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    Image from @Veda-the-Moor 30-minutes before camp starts.

    Sparse crowd.

  • Early notes:

    • Not-practicing: WR Doug Baldwin, DE Marcus Smith, WR Brandon Marshall, OL Rees Odhiambo, FB Hill & Fowler, WR Moore and Scott & LB Long
    • OL Germaine Ifedi moved back to RT (played RG yesterday)
    • McDougald and Alexander getting the start at Safety (previously it was Hill getting reps with McDougald)
    • First overcast day of camp

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    Tweet from Greg Bell:

    Pete Carroll: Doug Baldwin will be out at least a couple weeks to deal with “sore knee” he had coming into training camp last week. #Seahawks @thenewstribune

    They just released why Doug has missed the past 3 days; he's got a sore knee that's going to take a couple of weeks to fully heal.

  • Fuuuuuugels. Thats probably going to be an issue all season. (Bummed out emoji)

  • Meh. He practiced the first two days and Baldwin is a known quantity. I think this is ok, gives the other guys more reps to let the best rise to the top.

  • Nice recap @Veda-the-Moor.

    Definitely stay for more camps in the future with these insights.

  • Did you guys happen to notice who was holding for the field goal kicks? I've heard Dickson isn't the greatest at that part of special teams. Thanks for all the updates!

  • I heard that on the radio during Danny, Dave & Moore when John Clayton was on.

    The edge goes to Ryan because he's been the holder for so long. In college, it's always the back-up QB that holds for FGs but in the NFL it's been the punters.

    Youtube Video – [00:17..]

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