@legionofboom said in HCF Superstars:

I know my team really sucks bad this year but I always make sure I have a full roster going. Having said that, I notice BBR is not paying attention to their team again. (Injuries, byes, etc). Sigh...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I can't find any signs BBR was even a part of this league this season. No transactions and he drafted a kicker in the 8th round which indicates auto picking.

I'm sorry. I should have caught this earlier. I tried not to be such a hardass this year and replace anyone that did not answer roll call at the start of the season. I did that before and booted a guy who was looking forward to playing. I'll go back to the hard ass style next season because although this isn't for money it should still be fun and rewarding. People that just ghost their team ruin that for everyone. If you have anyone, maybe a noob, who's interested in seeing what its like and will at least set lineups the rest of the season let me know. We now have a team open.