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7/29 Training Camp Day Semaphores

  • Getting this up a bit late but maybe some people will still read it!

    Today was another scorcher and not much of a breeze at VMAC, but a bit bigger crowd as it was a Sunday.. but still much less than in years past.

    Was lucky enough to hang out with @sammyc521 at camp today and it was an enjoyable morning.

    As usual will start with individual player observations, then team observations then odds and ends for the day!

    For today the starting safeties were Bradley McDougal at SS at Delano Hill at FS. Thats not a typo or a reversal.. youd think it would be opposite but it is what it is. I dont expect to see that combo at those positions again -- it didnt lead to any dyanism or bigger plays and Hill just seems much more a SS.

    As we are accustomed to, its Chris Carson still taking the first of the first team reps. When Penny gets his reps though it seems he is used a bit more. Hard to know if that reflects intended usage or feeling him out. Penny had at least one good blitz pick up which was good to see as this is one thing that can keep a rookie off the field. All the running backs looked good.. Davis just looks so determined to stay on the team. Prosise went a THIRD straight day without getting injured.

    McGough continues to get the reps after Russ, and today was his best day yet. No serious errors that I saw, made a couple nifty plays with his feet and and arm. Regarding his athleticism, he seems to be a bit of a poor mans Kaepernick.

    Early in the practice the defensive line was blowing up the offensive line, especially on running plays but also a few plays that would have been sacks. Mingo and Marcus Smith were lining up as pass rushers.

    Shaqueem Griffin continues to shine and he is looking better than a 5th rounder already. Had excellent, speedy pursuit on a few plays today. Was hoping to see him used in blitzes but didnt see it, if it did happen.

    Quinton Jefferson isnt someone I usually associate with highlight plays but he stood out today.. blew up a couple runs and had a would-be sack.

    Late in practice Tedric Thompson was paired with McDougal and that seemed more effective. Lockett beat Thomspon early, but late in practice T2 had the play of the day , picking up Wilson in a play he came across the field to make. It was impressive.

    Some players Ive been hoping to see something from had good days: Reynolds came out of no where to have more catches than anyone today including a TD on a nifty route. Stringfellow ran the wrong route on one play in the red zone but other than that had a real solid day.

    CB Griffin had a nice, diving pass break up and though young seems to the corner stone of the revamped secondary.

    The kickers both made all their kicks, including from 53 yards out. Janikowski has the most Dad Bod youre ever likely to see in modern football.

    In punting practice, its hard to draw conclusions much but I came away --as did Sammy -- that assuming each rep they were trying to do the same thing that Ryan's punts were slightly better. Probably not 3 million dollars better though.

    Baldwin didnt practice.

    Dion Jordan was at practice but didnt participate.

    Team stuff...

    The defensive line seems to be ahead of the offensive line but its still really hard to evaluate for me to be honest with all the limits..

    There was some excellent disgusing of coverages going on today.. I mean , completely fooling me. Zone became Man, Man became Zone, Zone became Mixed Zone. One play looked clearly to be a Tampa 2 coverage but at the snap of the ball T2 ran forward right to cover the slot WR while McDougal rotated over to deep safety.

    Lots of DB blitzes again, both safeties and cornerbacks used there. The defensive looks like it wants to be aggressive again and dictate the game after a couple of years of being more passive under Richard.

    Random Stuff:

    Early in practice the music was excellent but then started to get weird .. I dont mind Phil Collins but "in the air tonight" is not really a training camp song. The DJ booth is moved off the practice field this year and I wonder if the DJ is getting his revenge at times with his music selection. A lot of 80s hair band rock today.

    There was a heavy emphasis on 1 on 1 drills today so maybe not as many notes.

    Thats what I got!

  • Thanks very much for the insight, it is much appreciated by those of us who couldn’t attend. Is there an OL that is looking “good”?

  • It was really hard to observe individual linemen today from where I was plus my obsession with the defensive secondary. The successful running plays (3 of those, vs 8 or 10 that would have been blown up) were all to the left though.

    I will make an effort to focus on both sides of the line tomorrow!

  • OH..and welcome to Hawks Cast!

  • I also take blame for distracting @Veda-the-Moor all camp long.

    It's our yearly ritual to kick-off the season by attending camp together.

    In all honesty, there's so many new numbers out there, it's hard to keep track. I was constantly looking at a roster sheet because i couldn't tell if it was a new player or an old player with a new jersey.

    In the initial RB/OL vs. DL/LB drills, the RBs got no creases to run; Penny had the lone lane to run through for positive yards. I can't tell if the DL is good/bad or the OL is bad/good.

    Also, welcome to Hawks Cast @tacomahawk .

  • No worries, thanks for the welcomes. I like that there is actual insight, and discussion here.

  • Thats a fantastic write-up @Veda-the-Moor Very well done. Marcus Smith is a dude I'm looking for to blow up this season. Dion will be a bear when he comes back. How's Rasheem Green lookin'?

    Whassup Tacomahawk. Welcome to the club!

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