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7/27 Training Camp Day 2 Smoke Signals

  • Second day of training camp had a similar vibe to the first day, with slightly better weather courtesy of a nice breeze off the lake.

    I arrived even earlier than yesterday because mysteriously there was no traffic on the Accursed 167 North.

    As yesterday, the crowd wasnt as big as in some years past. People arriving at 10am in the past wouldnt have a decent place to sit, but today late arrivals were still finding good locations with enough space to even put down a chair. Really, to me thats better. I think I prefer being there when it feels "smaller".

    On to the practice.. will make specific player notes, then general practice/team type notes, then just some random things.

    FIrst thing I should note is that yesterday and today the players practiced in helmets but no pads at all, not even shells. Sunday will be the first practice in pads.

    Chris Carson got the 1st carries today and man does he look so good so far. He is bigger and faster. He looks a bit like Good Rawls.

    Penny took a lot of first team snaps as well. Didnt have any "ooooohhhh" moments like his catch yesterday but he looked good, and runs so smooth.

    Mike Davis, Prosise and McKissic all were used a lot and you get the sense when cuts are made there are going to be some real hard choices.

    Brandon Marshall participated in some team drills today and made a real nice catch on a slant where he got himself open in the first 4 steps off the line and had the CB boxed out.

    Austin Davis was skipped in a couple different drills but in a late drill he took reps ahead of McGough.

    The safety positions are being treated more interchangably than in the past and all kinds of combos are being tried. The roster may list someone as a SS or a FS but that has little to do with where they might play right now. McDougal is super solid but I had the impression he is best suited to be the number back up at both positions. He is supposed to be fast and when he took over for Kam last year he proved better in coverage..but there just seems to be a lack of dynamic play making ability there.

    T2 (Tedric Thomspon), Hill and even CB Mike Tyson played a lot in Earl's spot. None of them looked spectacular. T2 is maybe my favorite.

    Austin Davis had a good pass to Mike Davis , and the running back seems to sense he is in a tenuous position and is giving it his all. He has been in this position most of his career so count him out at your peril.

    Austin later had a good pass in a tight window to Lockett who dove for the catch. This play was most notable to me for showing how up tempo practice is.. Lockett laid out for catch, made a good one..and sort of lay there for a moment.. both to recover and let us take in how awesome the play was. Baldwin came over IMMEDIATELY to get him off the field so the next rep could happen FAST.

    Highlight of the day, and it wasnt a super highight, was probably a catch by WR Moore against CB Akeem King. Moore had a good practice.

    McGough is trying hard. Yesterday I failed to mention he messed up a cadence at one point and just STOPPED.. today there was another issue. Its possible it wasnt his fault, but if it wasnt it meant 3 other players messed up so odds are it was McGough. He called a play in the huddle and the receivers really had no idea where to line up. The coaching staff tried to get them lined up but it was too late and the play was "canceled" and Wilson took a rep next instead.

    TE Vannett sees theyve brought in Dickson.. drafted Dissly.. and isnt conceding anything. He made some good catches today, and is dialed in. Hard to evaluate the blocking but he looks real comfortable.

    Ifedi had 1 maybe 2 false start penalties.

    Marcus Johnson and Cyril Grayson both had good days.. and Grayson is still McGough's go to guy so far..which is interesting as small speedsters arent usually the type that become back up or rookie QBs favorite target.

    That was it as far as real player notes go.. a lot of drills today werent conducive to learning or seeing anything..including about 15 minutes of stretching...

    General Team notes:

    As I talked about earlier, the tempo and energy is so high. Reps come quick, breaks between drills are kept short, players encourage each other to get to the next rep.

    Lots of penalties today..maybe not unexpected. Interesting thing.. if you commit a pre snap penalty, you lose your rep to the next man up.

    Lots of safety blitzes today.. at least 2 would have been sacks.

    Its hard to see the QBs sometimes because they always practice on the far side, but there continue to be lots of screens being worked on and few formations I havent seen much of in the past.

    Good to see real teaching going on..often the NFL coaching is just telling players to do things right and assuming they know what that is.. but Seahawk coaches are RIGHT THERE. The OC was right in there with the QBs, and Ken Norton Jr personally was helping players with their handwork in a DL handwork drill.

    And just the Random:

    There was a person wearing a Lockett jersey.. the name and number were correct but it was a Colts jersey. Not sure what that is about.

    Now, I have been known to wear pink or purple dress shirts myself..but there was a fan wearing a pink, sparkly , bedazzled Wilson jersey today. Not sure what THAT was about.

    Sat next to 2 very nice gentlemen. They had a weird conversation though.. So, the Seahawks DC is Ken Norton Jr. and most people know his dad was Ken Norton the boxer , who once beat Muhammed Ali. The 2 gentlemen somehow halfway through the day started calling Ken Norton Jr. by a new name.. George Foreman Jr..... and then started discussing his father.. George Foreman.. and trying to figure out if he was still alive. It was ..weird.

    SO that is my report on day 2. Again, any questions and I will try to answer.

    Next practice is Sunday and I will be there with @sammyc521 !

  • Looking forward to Day 3 of Training Camp.

    Good recap; thank you sir.

  • Thanks, Ross. Fun read.

  • Excellent write up! As some know I'm a bit bullish on the D-line so I hope they'll practice near-side so you can get a good look. How's WR Stringfellow been?

    Killer job, Ross!

  • Sunday will be a better day to see the D Line. WIth no pads..its all just theory really.

    Stringfellow LOOKS the part.. a good complement to Lockett and Baldwin I would think..but hasnt reall shown up much yet. I think he is basically competing with Marshall for a roster spot. Marshall has the history of getting it done and looks to still be able to do it now. So Stringfellow needs to show enough promise that hes the smarter choice. Hopefully he will get more opportunities!

  • I know @Birdfinger believes in the DL/Pass-Rush getting home but the first two days of camp leave a lot of questions marks; Dion Jordan has another knee surgery, Frank Clark is coming off wrist surgery... and we don't have a clear idea of who the 3rd Rusher is going to be?

    There were reports that LB Mingo is getting some looks at DE. No news on putting Shaqueem in at DE yet. I'm not saying this is doom/gloom but we don't know the answers yet. I think that once we see them line up we'll get a better idea but there's a lot of question marks.

    Hope that on Sunday we'll see some spark from all the guys getting snaps at DE.

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