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7/26 Training Camp Day 1 Smoke Signals

  • The Seattle Seahawks, minus one, got 2018 football started today , a hot but not uncomfortable day at the VMAC. I was there, and this was my day -- what I did, and way more important what I saw. And way less important, what it might mean.

    Based on previous experience I woke up very early to get there really early. Arrived at Renton's The Landing at 8:30am due to awful, awful inescapable Seattle area traffic. Normally that would have meant a long line, but there wasnt one and the bus over to the VMAC wasnt even full.

    Got a good place to sit down and watch, took out my roster, ipad, iphone, note pad water..and this is what I saw:


    Tre Flowers.. #37, rookie cornerback. He looks like a cross between a young Brandon Browner and Byron Maxwell. He looks the part of a PC era Seahawk CB, and what is more, for the most part played the part. Now, he is down the depth chart for now.. in some drills he had to play the part of a WR so the other CBs could cover him.. but he got reps and took advantage of them. He is a climber.

    Penny , #20, RB. Rookie RB. He looks to have the inside track at the starting job. He played the most with the starters and got looks in the passing game, including both more screens than we are used to seeing and a solid seam route he ran well.

    Chris Carson, #32, RB. 2nd year. True to the reports, he looks big and fast. I was more impressed with him today than last year. He is going to make Penny earn that starting position, and we may see if Pete is still commited to his "always compete" mantra.

    Mike Davis, #27, RB. I was surprised how much work he got, over all and with the 1st team. It might mean something or maybe just showing they know he carried the load when he was last man standing last year.

    Brandon Marshall, #15. Not a full participant. Played some catch with the QBs.

    Maxwell is the starting RCB for now, but they gave Thorpe some reps with the first team as well.

    Lockett and McKissic were KRs #1 and #2.. I was surprised to see Grayson #13 be the 3rd KR.

    Speaking of which.. Cyril Grayson had a good day. He did have on drop, but he had more catches than anyone today and it wasnt close. He is on the same page as #5 McGough already. They seem to really want to give him a chance.

    Jaron Brown, #18, on the other hand had a pretty nondescipt day.

    #5 McGough took reps second after Wilson and looked ok. He did throw 2 INTs during practice, one to Thorpe #23, and one to Martin #58, but mostly looked like he knew what he was doing.. no cadence or motion issues you sometimes see with rookie QBs with nerves. Not sure if he is really the #2 or if they just want to see what he can do as Austin Davis is a known quantity.

    #49 Shaquen Griffin is already the most popular man on the team among fans, beating out Wilson. Whether he was waving, doing a simple drill, or making an interception in drills (not against a QB, it was DB drills) ..anything he did drew applause from the crowd. He played with the 2nd team for the most part, which means he isnt being looked at mostly for special teams I would say. I wouldnt say he was a star, but he also didnt look like he didnt belong and in his first NFL real practice the hand wasnt an issue.

    Marcus Johnson, WR, #14.. he had some good reviews coming out of OTAs but didnt have a great practice. He had a drop.. and it wasnt just a drop..he alligator armed a ball. In a non contact drill. Seriously. Like the ghost of Kam is still haunting the practice field or something.


    As I noted earlier, there were already more screen plays being practiced. Read option was run as well, so that wont be dropped with the new OC at all. McGough ran it effectively, which I thought was interesting.

    Quite a bit of time was spent by the DBs on a force fumble / strip drill which was interesting to watch.

    Its really hard to evaluate the OL with the limited contact but at one point on 5 drop backs I guess that Wilson would have been sacked on 3.

    The Punters and Kickers.. umm.. Myers kicked a FG they sort of randomly called .

    Any questions? I will try to answer!

    Overall..good day. High energy. Music was so so today. Wilson still sprints to every drill first. Carroll looked like he was having a good time. Energy level was up. KJ Wright is suddenly a fan favorite based on being one of 3 recognizable players out there.

    Tomorrow hope to see and talk more about the safety and DL situations!

  • Great feedback.

    What was the crowd like? Since it's opening on a Thursday were crowds smaller than the weekend crowds?

    Lots of great notes. The biggest surprise is probably that McGough is getting so many reps. We talked about it on the podcast and we all agreed that Davis had the most experience. We'll see if that translates to game on in the first pre-season game.

  • The crowd was smaller than in the past.. probably 3 factors.. like you said.. weekday practice was one, another was the weather. Seattle people dont really like to be out in no shade areas when it gets over 90 I would say. And third.. lets be honest.. Seahawks are coming off a non play off season. Its not really a matter of fair weather fans..its just a fact of life. Less success means less interest, especially in the borderline type activities like this.

  • McGough.. he may still end up as #2 , with the plan to stash him but to get him reps first. Maybe its a real competition. Davis has such little upside there isnt much reason to get him a ton of reps. He did get equal reps in some drills today but went third. In one set though, it was all Wilson and McGough.

  • Good stuff! Was Prosise anywhere to be seen?

  • @Veda-the-Moor had a great tweet about it:


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