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Marshawn talks about his two Superbowls

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    I miss Marshawn. I will always appreciate what he brought to the Seahawks and his unique mindset. I will always wear his #24 jersey with pride when I wear it to a game.

    I know that he rubs people the wrong way sometimes.

    To go from the insight from Superbowl 48 to Superbowl 49 is pretty stark. His trust in Russell is amazing... even though the outcome was the worst.

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    Interesting.. I suspect there is a BIT of historical revisionism going on here but its interesting to hear Lynch talk about it.

    Also interesting to hear him bring up the audible option..which I think is telling. A lot of people have obviously questioned the play call (very interesting to hear him say the WRs and even Wilson questioned it).. but I dont think so many people have said Wilson should have just audibled out of it.

    Really do think, with years of hindsight..for whatever reason..that Superbowl really did destroy the Seahawks team as it was. It was one mistake ..but it was a mistake that stopped some hyper competitive people from accomplishing a life goal..and maybe there is no coming back from that.

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