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How are we feeling about Earl Thomas Now?

  • For me, I can't forget his 100% all the time on the field performance. I think once he's on the field, nothing will stop him from giving his all. His off the field is taking some getting used to. I know there's a window in the NFL and Earl is working without a net so I get it, but I'm feeling he's crossed from pushing for his professional needs to just being petulant now.

    What are your thoughts?

  • I get both sides... but I feel like the Seahawks are feeling a little snake bitten.

    Extensions to Avril, Kam, Lynch, Bennett, and Sherman have "back-fired" due to injuries, attitude and retirement.

    Earl has no leverage and the Seahawks continue to send the message out when asked, "We're here. We're waiting for you."

  • Im just bewildered that Thomas learned NOTHING.

    Frankly, Ive always seen him as slightly insane and I just feel he has no business sense and no objectivity on this. Seattle is already on the hook for paying more at the safety position than any other team because they decided to pay Kam.

    Now.. selling his house..not showing up.. You know they gonna have to move on anyway..your position is even WORSE than Kams really.. so why you wanna force it? No one is disrespecting you. Youre getting 8.5 MILLION for this year, and by the way when is the last time you played 16 games in a season?

    Earl is one of my top 10 favorite Seahawks all time ON THE FIELD.. I wore his jersey yesterday in fact.. But ..dude. Youre not a quirky, twitchy 21 year old rookie anymore. Be a grown man. You want more money? Then do it the right way.

    Im not even saying "honor the contract" because we all know that NFL contracts are one way. Im just saying be an intelligent adult. The BEST way to go about this is to go be the best safety their is and either make it so Seattle CANT cut you because of your MVP level of play.. or make it so they can get fair value for you if you want out.

    RIght now..holding out and crying and selling your house and what not.. that makes a trade HARDER because Dallas thinks that is leverage and will start offering 2 root beers, a medium fries and a 7th for Earl and Seattle isnt going to let itself be ripped off.

    So disappointed in the advice he is getting or following .

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