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Training camp reporting

  • Ok.. wanted to put this out there for our members.

    I will be heading to 5 days of training camp-- each day that have an open practice that I'm over there for.

    My plan is to life Tweet from our NEW AND IMPROVED website official Twitter account and then later each night do a proper write up. One day we will potentially do a podcast from it as well.

    But the question is.. are people interested in it?

    I love training camp. So much more insight than preseason games. So often I've had roster decisions make sense to me based on the training camps I've watched or read about versus the preseason games.

    But I know others don't really care.

  • @veda-the-moor Care! Care muchly! 😃Anything to bring Training Camp closer to me since I can't go. ☹


  • I'm looking forward to Training Camp. It's always the official kick-off to the football year...

    That and mock-drafts for Fantasy Football.

  • Obviously what we can watch everyday largely depends on what gets practiced that day but there are some things Im really , really looking forward to getting to see and hopefully a bit of insight:

    The wide receivers. In preseason its really hard to know who is making an impact (see last year for a great example!). After our first two WRs there are a lot of questions. Does Marshall have anything left? Can Darboh take a step forward this year? What is Jaron Browns roll pictured as? Grayson was invited back.. any way to use that world class speed??

    The offensive line has a lot of intrigue I think.. but its actually a position that is really hard to learn anything from in camp other than about attitude, hustle, and leadership. Will be looking to see if Brown makes this unit "his".. will anyone reach out and really secure the right side? Fant was a tragic story last year.. what becomes of him?

    At tight end.. people seem to be writing off Vannett but I think thats premature. I thought the offense ran better late in the year last year when he was on the field.

    D line.. will that have to scheme to get a rush? Will Marcus Smith and Dion Jordan emerge?

    And more!

    If there is a player or position battle you want me to pay attention to let me know!

    I will be there the 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th and 31st.

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