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Starting RB / Workload divide

  • So.. you don't draft someone as high as Penny to have him sit on the bench. But the team seems high in Carson and the reports from OTAs were really positive in Carson.


    Crowded backfield.. Got other guys: Cj, Jd, and some people with actual vowels in their name.

    So.. what's your best guess on how it all goes down?

    I think I want to trade Prosise for a late round pick. Fresh start for him. JD is essentially the same player but cheaper.

    Penny starts and is the bell cow..

    Question: will it be a real competition? Sherman says things have gotten away from a real competition? Will Penny start even if Carson seems to be better?

  • I think Rashad gets the majority of the work because of the capitol used on him. I’m in the minority but if Prosise stays healthy, and that’s a huge if, I think he gets more work than people expect and ends up a pretty major factor in the offense. It’s probably even more likely something happens and he’s not on the team so this is just a gut feeling. His skill set has to be something Schott loves when evaluating though.

  • Rashaad will get the rock when it comes down to it. 1st-round talent and proven to be more durable than anyone else on the field (minus McKissic and Davis).

  • I wasn’t fully on board with a running back in the first for multiple reasons but I’m excited to see what he can do.

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