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Sherman talks..not much new ..but..

  • Its the off season. Just before training camp.

    Im a bit disappointed in Sherman and his rants. I think his pride is hurt.

    He is super intelligent and doesnt see the contradictions in his own thought process.

    Previously he has said that Carroll's approach only works for a few years.. then gets old and doesnt motivate as much. But then he also says the Seahawks are wrong to move on from him, Bennett, et al. Which is it? If the Seahawks KNOW their message is only effective for 5 years or so, they would be smart in moving on from these players now. If Sherman admits the coaching message was lost on him at this point, then the Seahawks absolutely made the best move in moving on.

    And he complains about not paying Earl because Earl is still at the top of his game. Earl isnt asking for a 1 year extension presumably. And the Seahawks were burned badly by Kam's extension and Lynch's extension. Do we really think we want to pay Earl to be the top paid safety when we know he is going to decline any year now..?

    Sherman is so smart but he has always had some "blind spots" and now that he feels slighted they are even more obvious.

    Still one of my all time favorites though!

  • I believe it's pretty obvious his ego is hurt. Although personally, I couldn't give a shit what a 49r thinks! Expletive,........and the horse he rode in on.

  • Few things.

    • I love Sherman
    • I hate the Niners (moreso when they field a competent team) so I will die if Sherman picks off Wilson
    • I am not surprised by any of Sherman's words... he's been saying them all off-season. So his new statement is just recycling old news
    • This is who he is; he takes slights and blows them up as a motivator
    • The Seahawks have moved on and continue to do so in their own way much to the irritant of their former players
    • I think the Seahawks were forced to move on from Sherman as he couldn't be there to "poison the well" of younger players being such a strong personality on the team

  • I'm kinda curious how Sherman plays this year. It might have been because he knew the Achilles was going to go, but to me it looked like he was a little slower last year.

  • Two Achilles are hard to come back from. At that age. But if anyone can do it , it would be Sherm. Or Adrian Peterson. But that's a different topic.

    He was certainly slower last season but like you said he KNEW his Achilles was about to go. And that in itself is pretty manly. Just going out there doing your think knowing any particular move could be the one that does it.

    I just wish he had a bit more self awareness.

    I feel like he's gonna pick off Wilson this season.. things just seem to work like that.

    (Side note-- football is getting closer.. starting to talk about it for reals now!)

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