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Go Hawks!

  • I actually have a lot of optimism coming into the 2017 season. And no it's not the wine or the YouTube Feel Good videos that has me feeling that way (although they are great helpers). I firmly believe that that ESPN article gave the Seahawks a kick in the nuts which could restore some of that "Chip On The Shoulder" formula that has been so effective for this team since Pete arrived.

    Without debating the merits of the article, or what percentage of it was based in fact, I think the good that will come out of that article is reminding the Seahawks that there is indeed Unfinished Business to attend to.

    Wake up. Snap out of your XLIX fog and go after it this year like it is your last, and with the uncertainty that is life, it could be. There's only one thing better than a Super Bowl Championship and that is more of them.

    Of course, we are all watching with bated breath how the OL is going to gel this season. Their success - or lack-thereof - is the number one defining element that will decide how far the Seahawks go this season and if we know that, obviously the players and coaches do as well.

    Health is paramount. The importance of getting Earl and Kam back healthy on the defense clearly goes without saying. I think Big Bawls Rawls is going to be back with a VENGEANCE. I have him slated as a personal wrecking ball this season. Cross your fingers that he is learning how to harness that passion and energy and not fizzle out from RGIII-like reckless abandonment without any thought or knowledge how and when to hit and when not to be hit.

    I am rooting for a Seahawks - Lynch-led Raiders Super Bowl.

    How epic would that be?

  • Go 'Hawks!! I always feel our guys are gonna's the kinda hairpin I am. 😉

  • I think health is the number one issue that will determine how good the Seahawks will be in. 2017.

    The camp competition at OL, RB, WR, LB and DB will be most telling due to injury and depth concerns.

    In the past 5-years, the Seahawks have yet to face as challenging of an injury year as they did I 2016.

  • Welcome Aros! Thanks for posting and well said. Hadn't really thought about it in those terms but I agree the ESPN article really could be a giant motivator. You can see in your minds eye, can't you, Sherman and Baldwin holding a copy in their hands up high while talking to the team-- "they think we are rats caught in a trap biting our own legs off! They don't get it! They don't get US! They don't know what 'brothers' mean!"

    A Super Bowl would be awesome.. I'm torn more over who I'd want to play. Steelers or Patriots would be excellent... Raiders if led by Lynch would be pretty epic..

  • Go Hawks!!!


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