So many of my fantasy football leagues are starting up again.

Currently, I'm going to be in at least 4 leagues:

  • League where I'm the Commish and it'll be our 15th year
  • Podcast League (2nd year)
  • Work League (my 2nd year; left last year and was asked to join again)
  • @Veda-the-Moor league (can't remember how many years)

Now that these leagues have opened up, I can start mock drafting again.

So far I've done 4 Standard Drafts and 1 Auction Draft. The Auction Draft was a complete waste of time because it was all bots and they just jack the price up immediately on all players.

In the 4 Standard Drafts I've noticed that there are some players who are going super early and some that maybe "sleepers."

In regards to Seahawks, this seems to be the average round they get picked in:

  • 2nd Round WR Doug Baldwin
  • 3rd-5th Round RB Rashaad Penny
  • 4th-5th Round QB Russell Wilson
  • 9-14th Round DEF Seattle