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Stranger Things 2

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    So... I don't want TV except for football and reruns of my old favorite shows. But this show, Stranger Things, has captured my attention like no other.

    If you haven't seen the first season, go start a free Netflix trial right now and binge that show because it's amazing. For those that are 30+ it's chalked full of so much nostalgia you'd think that you knew these kids growing up. If you're 40+, you might have been one of the kids on the show.

    This trailer is so good; Dragon's Lair, Vincent Price, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Ghostbusters costumes, a home-made ghost trap and then it goes to Eleven.

    I need to watch the first season again in preparation for Stranger Things Season 2.

    @Zeb-Stark - we need to write mini-reviews for this show for you site for each episode.

  • ok yeah. that was perfect.

  • I'm 45 so the show is like a flashback.. the first series captured early 80s feel and Steven Spielberg perfectly. I actually thought if Lucas and Spielberg might watch and have the dark spell their under be broken, but then Spielberg made BFG.

    Anyway, looking forward to this.

    But screw Dragon's Lair. Hated that game on multiple levels.

  • Re-watching the first season of Stranger Things in anticipation of the next season.

    Trying to convince my co-workers we should dress up like the cast of the show.

    alt text

  • Dragon's Lair was the most disfunctional, corrupt infuriating piece of shit ever made. It was so pretty looking compared to everything else in the arcade, but you put your FIFTY cents in, walked 10 feet then died. I had SOOOOO much hate for that stupid game.

    I loved Dustin's reaction to it. That was me every time i played that piece of shit.

  • Finished Season 2 a couple of days ago.

    Not getting why people are so down on it. Season 2 is great; it expands on what's to come.

    Season 1 is great because it introduces us to these great characters.

    The best actor is probably the kid that plays Will. The other kids grow in other ways but Will just suffers and is tormented.

    All Hail King Steve!

    alt text

  • @sammyc521 Steve was so awesome in season 2.

    "FOUR puffs of the Farah Fawcett spray!"

  • Stranger Things 2 was perfect.
    Up there with some of my all-time favorite things.
    Max was the perfect addition to the party.
    Sean Astin was wonderful.
    All the new cast members were tight really.
    Great new characters overall.
    Winona Ryder was perfect too. She reined in all that over dramatic bullshit she was doing in season 1 and knocked it out of the park.
    And who knew the kid that played Will had chops? Figured he was incapacitated all season for a reason, but nope.
    Character development overall was really well done, particularly Dustin and Lucas.
    Score and cinematography were both taken to the next level.
    The script, dialog and character interaction were great. Cheesy when it needed to be, and just the right amount. Funny when it needed to be, dramatic (and overdramatic) in just the right ways.
    I just jizzed again thinking about it.
    Okay I'll quit now.
    No I won't
    Damn I wish there were like 10 more episodes right now.
    Anybody who was worried about whether a second season was needed or not, don't fret. Season 1 was just the ice breaker. I feel like this is the story they really wanted to tell.
    Those Duffer Bros knew exactly wtf they were doing.

  • Finished binging it last night.

    I'm always wary about how a surprise hit show follows it up in the second season, because I've been disappointed so many times. I couldn't get through the second seasons of Heroes, Lost, 24, etc.

    But this... this. Fucking phenomenal.

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