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Russell Wilson #11 (Top-100 NFL Players)

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    6th Appearance on the Top-100

    • 2018: #11
    • 2017: #24
    • 2016: #17
    • 2015: #22
    • 2014: #20
    • 2013: #51

    Interviewer: Who's the #1 in the League?
    Tyrann Matthieu: To me, it's Russell Wilson. You can only name me probably one of his receivers. Two maybe. And it's like, how does he win, like, 11-games each year? Who does he throw the ball to? How does he do it?

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  • Surprisingly, I agree with this. Roughly. I might have him a tad higher but it's rare I come even this close to agreeing. Hopefully he cracks too 10 next year after a stellar 2018!

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