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Earl Thomas announces he'll holdout

  • Earl Thomas' Twitter:

    alt text

    Not a surprise the way no information had been passed about. He announced he won't attend mandatory camp until he has a new contract.

    I'm not quite sure what the worry is from the Seahawks side? Maybe apprehension after extending Lynch, Bennett and Chancellor who only play a year after their extension.

  • Players get the worst advice, I swear. He has no leverage. Did he not see Kam's holdout ? Literally did nothing but cost him money. You want more money? Then go work your butt off and make yourself someone they can't imagine losing.

    But it wouldn't be good business to start paying MORE for someone you know any day is going to start regressing. And it certainly doesn't make sense to reward this type of behavior.

    Just a dumb, dumb move by Earl.

    And speaks again to where this team is at mentally. This time it's worse because apparently Earl's agent had give JS show word there would be no hold out.

    So Earl know is going to open the door to younger, healthier guys getting playing time -- while losing money-- AND also making himself untradable. Savvy.

  • Of course as a 'Hawks fan, I hate this kinda crap. But on the other hand, the NFL is a business and I can't really blame Earl for testing the 'Hawks. Business is business after all.

  • I don't blame Earl for wanting an extension. However, what happened with JS? During the draft, didn't he get a guarantee of no holdout from the ET camp? And now he's holding out? THATS my problem. Who knows what would have happened had they not... what... lied(?) to JS?

    NOT jacked.

  • Or perhaps, JS's been known to

  • @lymon said in Earl Thomas announces he'll holdout:

    Or perhaps, JS's been known to

    Heh-heh... I didn't even think of that! (Smacks forhead) This actually makes sense. It EASILY could have been a negotiating tactic to put that out there.

    Ok... Never mind. Carry on!

    Back to jacked!

  • Hmm. I sort of think in todays world and with Earl in particular .. if JS had blatantly lied and said hed received a promise without getting one someone would have said something. If not then its actually one more indicator that Earl WANTS to be traded..because that lie only served one purpose.. to make him trade-able.

    I dont blame Earl for WANTING anything..I do blame whoever is giving him advice for giving him awful advice. All that can happen is that Earl loses money, team chemistry suffers, performance lessened.

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