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OTAs and no shows

  • Well.. when it was everyone all in for the OTAs ..2012,2013.. some of us trumpeted that as a big positive.

    So..with lots of key players not showing up for this years.. does it mean anything? It seems weird to say it means something if its positive for us but doesnt if it isnt.

    I dont WANT it to mean anything..but it does make me feel like this may not be a bounce back year but more like the final chapter of the last version. People are still around , partly..but not all in anymore and just here for the paycheck until the next part of their career. Cant pretend it feels "magical" when Earl and Clark and so on are staying away.

  • To me, it means something for new players infinity more so than veteran players... except the QB.

    The QB is the one player that always has to be there.

    The DBs, S, OT, RB and other vets who opt-out of VOLUNTARY OTAs are off the hook in my book. But once they miss mandatory camp, then it's a shitstorm.

    I don't want rookies or new players to the team to miss OTAs because that's their first chance at living in the new system they're going to be expected to fulfill during the course of the season.

    While Earl, Clark and others are key players on our team, I worry more about our OL and running game. I think we can do more if we can keep Wilson up-right.

  • Yes they are voluntary.. but I still think it says something and means something when your veteran leadership stays away.

    We will see.

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