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Triple B Podcast: Han Shoots first + Star Wars Special Editions

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    Triple B Podcast Link to converstation

    Don't go beyond 45-minutes because it goes directly into a spoiler.

    But I wanted to talk about the Special Editions. It's gotten me all riled up and kind of upset.

    I enjoyed the Special Editions because I got to watch all three Star Wars in theater (something I couldn't as as I wasn't born for 2 of them)... But the two things in A New Hope that ruined the Special Edition for me; Greedo shoots first and the scene where Jabba confronts Han before prepping his take off in Millennium Falcon from Mos Eisley.

    Because of those two scenes, I actually only watch the original theatrical versions but I should be more open minded because the changes to Empire SE and Jedi SE are much more minimal. My son recently watched the original trilogy and I think he ended up watching the Special Editions.

  • Yea.. the changes in the first are the most substantial.. and mostly dumb. I DO like some of the changes to the Battle of Yavin because you can see a bit more of whats going on.

    Empire Strikes Back changes .. of them tries to fill in something that doesnt need to be. The conversation with the Emperor when Vader and the Emperor discuss Luke makes no sense. Vader already knows who Luke is.. its right there in the story crawl to start the movie. Then the changes in Bespin where they feel the need to have a scene explaining how Vader got back to his ship...? George Lucas gets really condescending.. and thinks we are dumb. Its a bit ironic because one of the cool things about Star Wars is that it feels real because the characters talk about things we dont know about without explaining them.. and a lot happens off screen so your mind fills it in. I spent YEARS playing with my figures filling in the space especially between Star Wars and Empire.. but first Lucas felt the need to explain so much of it away, destroying the charm..and now people are obsessed with explaining literally everything ..every sentence, reference, pause, twitch..rather than spending energy on creating new cool stuff.

    BUT..the changes in Empire where it makes Bespin look more open and bigger..thats cool.

    Jedi..would have loved if they had KEPT the lightsaber was in the novelization. But the other changes.. dumb. The musical scene complete with breaking the 4th wall..and Boba Fett suddenly being a womanizer..? Bleh.

    Original Theatrical really is the way to go.

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    @Canhawk is right, the Jabba scene if pretty awful.

  • I think most of the special edition shit is cool, but some of it is downright fucking cringe worthy...

    Uncle George really should have had some more self control with some of those scenes. He could have given us a thousand wookie army, or Darth Vader doing parkour, but instead we get Sy Snootles and the god damn Max Rebo band. Why George, why!?

  • Yeah, see with the special editions, I don't really mind most of the smaller stuff. Cleaning and crisping up the picture is great, adding in some better special effects here and there, some is cool some is unnecessary. Adding in cute little cgi critters is stupid. New Jabba scene in ANH is stupid, Max Rebo band is stupid. Han/Greedo changes are obviously just awful. Changing the music/celebration at the end of RoTJ I actually like, not because I don't like Yub Nub (who doesn't like Yub Nub?) but because I love the new song and I actually think it's far more fitting for the end of such an epic saga. And then yeah, changing out old Anakin space ghost for young Anakin space ghost is silly.

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