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Legendary Seahawks Head Coach, Chuck Knox, passes away

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    Just the mention of his name brings a rapid response from those who knew Chuck Knox best, including nine-seasons worth of players from his memorable career as coach of the Seattle Seahawks.
    “Ah, Chuck,” his former players begin, smiling and shaking their heads.
    What follows undoubtedly includes an anecdote about the lessons learned from Knox’s words of wisdom, which became known as Knoxisms and left an indelible tattoo of truth on all who encountered them and the man who lived by them.
    Knox is gone, having passed at the age of 86 after a long battle with dementia. But his words — those words — live on.
    The most-used, and most-appropriate for any occasion, was his infamous “Play the hand you’re dealt.”

  • A sad day. Was really sad to hear this.. I woke up yesterday with an NFL alert on my phone screen and it was this. Immediately went to youtube and watched highlights of the Miami playoff game Seattle won to get the its first conference championship.

    Chuck Knox was a helluva coach and an old school, do things the right way kind of guy. Im not old school most of the time, but I do think we could use more of it about these days.

    Thanks for the memories Coach. RIP.

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