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Current Mobile Devices?

  • I'm on T-Mobile, currently using my 2 year old Galaxy Note 5 with a LG V20 collecting dust on the shelf because after 4 or 5 months of use I decided I like my Note 5 better. Currently debating whether to JUMP to the Galaxy S8 or hold out for the Note 8.

    What are you currently using and what are your likes/dislikes about it? Considering an upgrade?

  • I too am on T-Mobile and other than being on the carrier since 2009, I found out that if I travel internationally, I get free data (it's like 56k speeds, but it's 100% free until I can get a wifi-signal).

    At the recommendation from one @Zeb-Stark , I actually switched to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge; I wanted the Note 7 but it got recalled.

    I actually love this phone, before this I was on the Nexus 6, Nexus 5, Nexus 4, and a whole slew of Google Manufactured phones. I can't imagine the need to upgrade until the Note 9.

    I also think it takes great photos:


  • I've got the S8+ and I love it. Screen, camera, battery are all fantastic. First phone in a few cycles I'll end up keeping longer than a year lol. With the smaller bezels it's worth just getting the plus in my opinion.

  • Main reason I'm considering the s8 instead of the s8+ is because the smaller screen has a higher pixel density which I assume will make it slightly better for VR, which is the only real reason I'm considering upgrading at all as the Note 5 has been a great phone for me over the past 2 years.

    @sammyc521 good looking shot. Some of the pictures that my buddy with an s8 has taken are mind blowing. He's a particularly artful type so I'm sure that helps, but I'm really looking forward to exploring the camera. The Note 5 was no slouch either when it came to the camera. Best I've ever had.

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