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Seahawks release DE Cliff Avril

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    Cliff Avril’s tenure with the Seahawks unfortunately has come to an early end, with Seattle releasing the veteran defensive end Friday with a failed physical designation. Avril sustained a neck injury that ended his 2017 season after four games.
    Avril, 32, joined the Seahawks as a free-agent signing in 2013, signing a day before Michael Bennett in what would end up being a very significant two-day span in the team’s history. Over the next five seasons, Avril became one of top players on a defense that would lead the NFL in scoring defense and total defense in 2013 and 2014, and scoring defense again in 2015.
    Avril recorded 33.5 sacks in his four full seasons from 2013 to 2016, as well as 13 forced fumbles. He earned Pro-Bowl honors for the first time in 2016 after recording 11.5 sacks and five forced fumbles.

    Sad to see Cliff go. His playing during the playoffs played a huge role in our success and sometimes his absence played a roll in our defeats.

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    From Cliff's Instagram:

    Thank you 12s for making the last 5 years in Seattle so amazing! Your cheers on Sundays are unmatched, and you guys are by far the best fans in the NFL! Most importantly, I appreciate and value the lifelong friendships I’ve made. You all have supported my family, my foundation (the Cliff Avril Family Foundation), and I throughout my entire tenure, and I could not have asked for more! THANK YOU to the entire Seahawk organization as well as my teammates. You all made me a Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl Champ! I am forever grateful. THANK YOU!

  • Sad day. Obviously inevitable but sad nonetheless. GODSPEED CLIFF!! GODSPEED!!!!

  • Thank you, Cliff! I've always felt that Cliff getting injured in the Pats SB loss, was the major reason we lost.

    No pass thing, Lockette thing, etc.; we were up by 10 going into the 4th qtr, and lost. And his injury that game was huge. IMHO, of course.

  • One of my faves. I like the team being brash, but understated guys like Avril are more my personal favorites. Gave his jersey as a present to a friend. Will miss him.

    Next up.. Kam?

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    Thank you Seattle

    Cliff Avril
    MAY 4 2018
    It was 9 a.m. and we were on the team plane, sitting on the tarmac at Newark Airport. After we beat the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVII the night before, we turnt all the way up. Me, Mike B. and the rest of the D-linemen popped some champagne and went to the team party for a few minutes, and then we hit the clubs in New York City and just partied until they stopped serving drinks and the sun came up and we had to get to the airport.
    Then we brought the party to the plane with us.
    Almost 12 hours after the game ended, we were still going off pure adrenaline. We had the music blasting. Guys were playing cards and telling stories, just talking trash and being loud. At one point I swear somebody was running up and down the aisles buck naked yelling, “WE’RE SUPER BOWL CHAMPS, BABY!!!”
    TSA would not have liked what was happening on that plane.
    But that didn’t matter, because buck-naked guy was right.
    We were Super Bowl champs.

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