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Avengers: Infinity War

  • Youtube Video

    If case you've missed a few of the many Marvel movies over the past 10-years; worth checking out. Kind of captures what's been going on leading up to this new movie.

    Infinity War is pretty awesome. Worth watching due to all the action.

  • Great movie. Well done.

  • I want to see it again... but I also wanted to see Black Panther in theater again so I'll probably end up waiting until it comes out on disc.

  • I've seen it twice and will be going again this coming weekend. All that waiting around we did for Thanos to actually do something really paid off. Such a good character and well executed. Fun to watch, equally as fun as finally getting to see the Guardians and Avengers team up.

    Fun heroes, a good villain, and high stakes is just a winning combo. A well executed culmination to the franchise. Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

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