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5th Round Pick 168th Overall T Jamarco Jones Ohio State

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    Combine Stats
    Prospect Grade 5.66
    Height 6'4"
    Weight 299 lbs
    Arms 35 1/8"
    Hands 9 1/2"

    40-Yard Dash 5.5
    Vertical Jump 24.0 inches
    Broad Jump 102.0 inches
    3-Cone drill 8.32
    20-Yard Shuttle 4.99

  • Hey... an offensive lineman that just was a lineman. No project work.


  • So, I'm reading and watching "tape" on Jones and the term "Vertical set" keeps coming up. Does that mean that he takes a step back, "vertically", so the defender can't get behind him? Kinda' like playing defense in basketball?
    Folks keep saying he's awfully nonathletic but he stays between his man and the QB. What more would you want?
    Not discussing his run blocking because I ain't seen any examples.

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