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Splatoon 2 - Nintendo Switch

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    Today, the newest Splatoon game comes out for the Nintendo Switch.

    If you are not familiar, this is the sequel to Nintendo's original IP game where you play a 4v4 team-based shooter that doesn't focus on kill:death ratios.

    The sequel is setup to build upon the original game that was released 2 years ago for the Wii U. I actually was so excited for the the sequel, I bought the first game for the Wii U (even though I didn't own one) and borrowed my brothers. So every time I go to his place, I go downstairs and I sneak in a few games.

    What is great about this game is that the focus is on team-oriented goals; splats (kills) will remove the player from the field but they respawn so quickly it's shown that you can be very successful with never engaging with the opposing team.

    Once you get to a certain level, you can play competitive games where it's no about ground-coverage but more capture-the-flag style games, control point and a TF2/Overwatch-style payload game. They also released a timed event called Salmon Run which is a zombie-horde-like game.


  • Amazon fucked my pre-order and it won't arrive until Monday.

    So I walked across the street to Target (while at work) and bought it.

    Now to find the "work appropriate time" to play.

  • I say leave early and just go for it.

  • I can't connect to the Nintendo Online system so I can't play the 4v4 online matches.

    Will just have to suck it up and play single-player mode.

  • So I went home and so far I've logged some 30+ online matches in the 4v4 pvp and 10+ matches in the pve matches. All the pvp matches are 3 minutes and I have been pretty well. Kill: death ratios aren't really tracked but I am usually 1st to 3rd on a 4 player team.

    The pve takes longer because its a horde mode where wave after wave of enemies came after you.

    I think I'll write a something for The Idiot's Review.

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