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1st Round Pick 27th Overall RB Rashaad Penny from San Diego State

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    Youtube Video

    Combine Numbers:
    Prospect Grade 5.85 (Chance to be an NFL Starter)
    Heigh 5'11"
    Weight 220 lbs
    Arms 31 1/4"
    Hands 9 1/4"
    40-Yard Dash 4.46
    Bench Press 13 Reps
    Vertical Jump 32.5 inches
    Broad Jump 120.0 inches

    4-Year Player
    61 games played
    Senior Year Stats
    2,383 yards from scrimmage (#1 in NCAA)
    2,248 yards rushing (#1 in NCAA)
    7.8 ypc (#6 in NCAA)
    23 TDs
    19 Recs
    135 yards receiving
    2 TDs

  • From PFF:

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    alt text
    #1 in Missed Tackles Forced - 86

    alt text
    #1 in YPC when contacted at or behind the LOS 3.32 YPC

    alt text

  • wrote this えlせうぇれ:
    Rashaad Penny in the first at 27.

    So, some people freaking out as he had a second round evaluation and most people had 2,3 even 4 other RBs ahead of him.

    So... what do we think? What did the Seahawks see in Penny that put him above the rest?

    Penny seems to be a 3 down back. So is it now adios to recently re signed Mike Davis? Don't need Prosise and McKissic now.. could Prosise be moved to get their 7th rounder back (that they had to give up during their trade down)?

    With all the other needs on the team some people will question the pick being used at running back. Some people will see it as another sign they are dedicated to getting back to running the ball. Where are you with it?

    I think I'm good with it. Obviously there was a reason they valued him over the others. And we don't have a second round pick.

    Interested to see how this works out.

  • There has been a lot of talk among Hawk fans questioning the wisdom of drafting a RB in the first round. They say that "serviceable" RBs can be found later in the draft or RFAs after the draft is completed. They believe the running game is only there to support the more important passing game. Star QBs win Super Bowls, not star RBs therefore no need to "waste" a 1st round pick on a RB when 1) RBs are only there to keep a defense honest and 2) RBs tend to have a shorter career in the NFL.

    Some good points there but I just can't shake the philosophy of a strong running game being the engine of an offense. You can only drive when that engine is running.

    I've been on record here as good with drafting a RB in the 1st. I was thinking Guice but the last week or 2 his hype seems to have cooled a bit. Penny is a guy who consistently got good reviews from fans and draftnics. He was thought of as a 2nd or even 3rd rounder for a couple months now. Sometimes players get slotted early in the minds of people and thats just where they stay. Fans just need to get it through their heads that we aren't privy to all the information a team can gather on a player or what boxes the team needs a player to check off. I read a comment some fan tweeted out about how Pete and John must know something he doesn't to make that pick. THAT made me laugh.

    Other than pass blocking I think he has a good chance to perform better than just a "serviceable" back. Penny can run and he can catch. He's got low miles on him so minimal collegiate wear and tear. Durable, No off the field red flags. He's got the power to break tackles, the wiggle to get through holes and enough speed to be a threat to go the distance from anywhere on the field. Teach up the pass protection side and what else could you want from a RB1? Admittedly I followed the Guice hype but learning more about Penny as a result of the Hawks drafting him, I say great pick. Penny paired with new blocking schemes put in place by the new o-line coach may be the ticket to a much more consistent offense than we've seen since Marshawn left. #GoHawks

  • I love this player based on his stats, play style and vision in the clips I've seen.

    I am still unsure about drafting RBs in the 1st just due to their longevity and their reduced role in the NFL but if they want to return a Play-Action/Power run, this guy looks amazing.

    I also wish the NFL would allow RBs to wear any jersey number because I would totally rock a #1 Penny Seahawks Jersey.

    alt text

  • John Schneider said that after they made the pick, a team offered to trade for Penny.

    The rumors are that it was either NE (who selected RB Sony Michel 4 picks later) or Cleveland.

    Based on the Draft Pick Value Chart, the 27th pick is worth 680 points:

    • NE would trade 31st (600) + 198th (12) + future 2019 pick (around a mid-fourth)
    • Cleveland would trade 33rd (580) + 114th (66) + 150th (31)

  • My guess is Cleveland. Its pretty well established they were in love with him and some people thought Cleveland would take him in the 2nd. So rather than a reach as the media has labeled it, as has happened before, Seattle made the pick knowing their preferred player wouldnt otherwise be available.

    Sammy mentioned in a text yesterday Penny could wear the #1 Jersey..and man, looking at it online it does look sharp. Cant remember the last time I bought a jersey of an offensive player but thinking I might make an exception.

  • Pretty interesting that JS publicly stated they received a trade offer for Penny. I don't really think JS is a bullshitter, so that's quite the merit.

    I really dig the pick. I wrote a bit about the pick in a post on another site. Might as well drop it here as well 🙂

    The more I read about and the more I watch of Penny the more I really like this pick. The kid can take a hit, doesn't jaw that much (from what I've seen so far), almost always falls forward when tackled. He definitely has a more upright running style, but it seems he knows when and how to lower his pad level for more leverage, and protects himself pretty well from taking large hits. His ability to return punts and kickoffs, and do so effectively to the tune of 8 career return TDs, speaks volumes to his athletic ability, top-end speed and vision.

    I think his vision is fantastic and it seems, much like Carson did in his limited playing time last year, he knows where to find even the smallest of creases to fight for and gain every yard possible -- even on plays that are blown up. I think Penny could be the type of guy that gets some experience and starts to see the game at the margins like the greats do. He could also be a complete and total bust at the next level, though I doubt it.

    One of my favorite parts of his highlights is at 3:49 of this video. He's in an open field situation with a DB and his speed and body control allows him to get around the guy without even being touched.

    Youtube Video – [03:49..]

    It's another thing I really like about Penny, he can keep his feet light and maintain speed while changing direction to make his burst even more impressive and effective. You see it in a lot of plays where the play is going one direction and he sees a cutback and goes back around the opposite side.

  • Nice write up. Obviously we are all optimists in April, but I agree..the more I see and hear of Penny the more I am into it.

    Could be the cornerstone of a rebuilt offense!

  • @JGfromtheNW So true. The more I read about the pick the more I love it.

    Add a blocking TE and this team is more and more like the 2012-2014 Seahawks.

  • @sammyc521 definitely going all in on the run game. Can't wait to see what this offense looks like by mid-season.

  • With a healthy Russell Wilson...#orgasm

  • Film Room: Rashaad Penny's fit with the Seattle Seahawks by Samuel Gold

    Youtube Video

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