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Are we the worst?

  • Ive read at least 3 articles in the past week and a half that mention us as contenders for the worst team in the NFC West. We missed the playoffs last season, but previously we were on a long streak of success so perception may lag..but ..well,

    Is it true? Are we the worst?

    We know weve got a quarterback who is, depending on who you talk to anywhere from good to elite. Certainly top 10, some say top 5 some say top 3.

    Lets look at the rest of the offense. Britt will be coming back at center and its trendy to say he's really good there. I think he is about average.. but in any case, he is passable.

    We have Duane Brown..that should be solid. Then.. a bunch of question marks. Some good questions marks though.. Fant was pencilled in at LT last year before his injury. What will we do with him and how good will he be? LG? RT? It would be cool to say we can expect a high pick to be added here..but at the moment we have just one high draft pick and it could go to another position.

    Running back.. well.. Chris Carson flashed and the coaches seem high on him. I feel a bit suspicious about how much Carroll says they were counting on him. .it seems like revisionist history because beginning of the season it didnt seem like they knew he was the guy come regular season. He just seemed to outperform Rawls and Lacy. So..weve got Carson coming back and weve got JD McKissic and CJ Prosise.. who are basically the same person, just allocated different parts of the alphabet for names, and we have Mike Davis who played alright last year but "alright" production from the RB position last year was enough to make some of us giddy. Interesting..if the staff are really as big of believers in Carson as they profess this wouldnt be a position of need early so this wont look too different.. a couple of late rount of UDFAs will get put in here maybe.

    Tight End.. we lose Jimmy Graham obviously. And he is one of the best in the game. But to my mind the offense worked better late season when Graham was used more closely as a pure receiver and Vannett was getting more use. Ed Dickson added in here.. Not sure how good we are at TE now.

    WR.. the good news is we still have Baldwin and Tyler Lockett. Darboh comes back , still not sure what we have in him. Tanner McEvoy was kept on the roster last year and didnt have the big plays of the year before and maybe that is now considered a mistake..?Cyril Grayson is back. We signed oft injured Jaron Brown.. This unit looks.. average. At best. Tyler Lockett isnt really a starting outside receiver type is he?


    Defensive line.. We lost Bennett and most likely Avril on the outside, and still have Frank Clark. Thats a lot of production gone but I kind of feel like Dion Jordan and Marcus Smith will make up for it more than some are saying. In limited time last year they looked better than they had with their previous stints, and with Frank Clark taking up some pressure, used correctly I have some belief in them. At Defensive Tackle.. well..thats the position that hurt us the most last year. Drafted a 2nd rounder who will never play for us. Used a 2nd rounder to bring in Sheldon Richardson who played alright, not great.. and moved money around to do it that gives us less money this year. All for a year where we didnt do anything. Sigh. Jones and Reed are ok here..

    Bobby will be back at MLB as maybe the only cornerstone returning. Thats a relief. KJ Wright is there. So we are probably still good or very good on the second level of the defense.

    Defensive backfield.. are we awful? Decent? Good? I dont know. Griffin was solid but didnt make a lot of big plays. Justin Coleman may have been the most consistent CB we had and he is coming back in the slot. The other side.. Elliot?THorpe? Johnson..? maybe a first round pick? I have no idea about it.. And at safety.. McDougal is good as a Kam replacement..unless he replaces Earl.. and we see .. someone at the other saftey spot we dont know much of.

    I would say are are probably a C team, C+ because QB is so important.

    John Schneider better have some awesomeness up his sleeve!

  • @veda-the-moor Rams clearly took over the NFCW last season but its up to them to prove it this season. 49ers got a quarterback and went on a winning streak so the perception is they are trending up. Cards seem to be re-building after losing their coach. Seahawks had a disappointing season then lost pro bowlers. That is a sure sign of a team that is trending down! But I believe is a a trend more towards the unknown rather than a sure thing cellar-dweller type season.

    Its funny, the 9ers get a QB so they will be good but the Seahawks HAVE a QB but they'll be bad this season. Its all a pile of bull-pucky at this point anyways but whoever nails (according to media) the draft will all of sudden be world beaters. So we'll see what next week brings when everyone can come to a group think style consensus as to who the "winner of the draft" was.

  • I both agree and disagree..I mean, really..its all just speculation until September. But I dont think its completely meaningless to look at the Seahawks and see an exodus of talent, that we are just hoping is replaced by 2nd and 3rd year players getting better and the draft .. but the draft is one in which we have 1 pick in the first 100.. so group think or no, it will be hard for us to "win the draft". We also hamstrung ourselves with some bad contracts or contract decisions so that doesnt help build us back up either.

    The 49ers didnt just find a QB to be considered hot.. they ended the season last year on a streak, and got some excellent players in last years draft while having some players emerge.

    I dont really buy Arizona as better than us even on paper at this point, but if Bradford plays alright they may be alright.

    Really Im just hoping the coaching decisions pan out and that JS channels the JS of a couple years ago when it comes to the draft because we are up against it right now, in my opinion.

  • @veda-the-moor Yep, new coaches will be key. Many players are going to have new techniques and responsibilities that may completely change their performance. LIke having Jimmy Graham blocking instead of running routes. That wasn't utilizing the most effective way he can pressure a defense imo. He's a TE that could command extra attention like double teams from a D. I believe he is much better at being an effective decoy than getting saddled with blocking DE's.

    I hope you didn't think I was insinuating the Seahawks could "win the draft". I was talking in general. Media will jump on the next team that does interesting stuff and anoint them as "THE team to watch" in 2018. No, the Hawks kinda got all jammed up with contracts and seemingly poor drafts like you said. I say "seemingly" because the new kids really haven't had a chance to see the field with enough reps to learn and improve. Delano Hill is the guy I always thought about when JS was speaking about regarding players being in awe of the starters and not competing to take the starting job. Maybe this offseason we'll see a bit more fire from the young'ins. At least thats what I'm hoping for.

    49ers? I still believe in judging a draft a few years down the road. It gives those excellent players time to regress. Lol! Hopefully a couple fall flat on their face adjusting to their new life and responsibilities. (Thats the lesson of ROY Rick Mirer!) But still, they didn't go on that streak until they got Garapolo. Guy is undefeated as a 9er. Its sickening. Their fans all excited.... bleh.

    Serious question: How the hell does Sam Bradford keep getting jobs without having done ANYTHING in the league?? Guy makes BANK year after year, team after team. Kinda hilarious at this point though!

    But back to the original question: Are we the worst? My opinion is no, Cardinals are. Seahawks are right in the middle fighting for the Wildcard spot and hopfully pushing the Rams for the division late in the season. A 10-win season is optimistic but not out of the question. I don't believe however that it would be enough for the NFCW title. If we do take the title this season it would be because some unknowns explode to the level of becoming household names. At the moment, I have no idea on whom to place that bet.

  • Best QB in the division usually does the best over the long-haul. With Russell we are still up there as "best team" in the NFC.

    Our margin-for-error maybe be completely gone since we have less talent on the defensive-side.

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