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Seahawks scheduled to meet with QB Kaepernick but cancelled due to kneeling plan

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    Per Adam Schefter:

    After arranging for Colin Kaepernick to work out for the Seahawks this week, Seattle postponed the trip when the quarterback declined to stop kneeling during the national anthem next season, league sources tell ESPN.

    Charles Robinson wrote:

    More: After canceling workout, #Seahawks left door open to start over w/ Kaepernick. Basically, canceled the visit, talked of starting over. This at least partially aligns with @RapSheet reporting Seattle wanted a "plan". But STRONG disagreement that kneeling wasn't any issue.

    So this is interesting... My take is that the Seahawks don't have a particular issue with Kaepernick kneeling but they want him to have a plan. Much like Doug Baldwin and his action meeting with law enforcement, their unions and government to get resources for more training, I think this is along those lines.

    I definitely see the side that will say that they won't bring him in at all but the Robinson tweet provides more insight to me about long-term plans opposed to just him continuing to kneel.

  • From Ian Rapoport I:

    The #Seahawks did postpone a tentatively scheduled workout with Colin Kaepernick, as @AdamSchefter reported. It was not because he said he declined to stop kneeling, tho. The team asked for his plan moving forward on how to handle everything and there was not a firm plan.

    From Ian Rapoport II:

    #Seahawks brass, John Schneider and Pete Carroll, want Colin Kaepernick to consider how he wants to proceed on everything (not just anthem) and get together at a later date when his plans are formed. Clearly, Seattle has accepted players speaking out for what they believe.

  • Dont have the link, but I read yesterday basically Seattle wanted assurance that if he was signed he would dismiss his collusion case..

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