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Seattle Mariners 2018 Season (38-22 1st in the AL West)

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    So far, this year's version of the Ms has been fun to watch. And they're really showing 'heart,' and IMHO what more can you ask from your team?

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    Even with injuries and everything else they keep getting wins. Starting to sort of kind of believe they could be a contender for real this year.

  • Mariners are 13 games above .500 through their first 53 games (33-20).

    1.0 Game behind the Astros and lots of Mariner's Media question why so many aren't jumping on the bandwagon...

    It may have to do with the fact they have the longest playoff drought in all 4 major leagues (but to be fair, it's super easy in the NBA/NHL when half your league makes the playoffs).

    Also the M's have a terrible history against the Astros so until they show they can beat them or at least play .500 ball with them I still refuse to buy-in.

    2018 1-3 vs. Houston
    2017 5-14 vs Houston

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    Why not enjoy the run and not worry about games that haven't been played yet?

  • I personally don't enjoy because I'm not a big baseball fan.

    The M's lost me as a fan back in 2002 when they refused to trade to make their team better when only 4 teams from each League made the playoffs. They ended with 93 wins that year and then Lou Pinella was "traded away" to Tampa Bay.

    So, the season is so long I don't feel like getting excited for a team that has yet to be competitive against the reigning WS champs.

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    IMHO: The Ms lost Pinella when the FO decided to go for the record in wins instead of resting their older players before the playoffs. Stupid move on FO's part.

  • Pinella stayed until 2002 but I wouldn't be surprised if that were true. The Mariners have shown they care more about the pageantry and the spectacle than the sport and how to win for the future.

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    So I keep saying that the M's need to beat the Astros and they did today to take a 2.0 lead in the AL West. I tip my cap to you Mariners (and your fans).

    Currently, they have a +23 run differential.

    While they don't have a winning record against the Astros this season (or the Angels), as long as they can beat-up on the "bad" teams then it won't matter.

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    Pretty interesting team to follow right now.. if they can take tomorrows game that would say quite a bit too. Paxton is becoming a legit ace.

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