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Earl Thomas scuttlebutt from Ireland

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    Shay Ferris
    Earl Thomas in response to a trade question from a cowboys fan said "well I just got a call from my agent this morning so it's kind of a touch subject"
    Hate to say it but he's being traded.
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    Michael @michaelmcq
    Earl Thomas just asked about his future in Seattle at a NFL event in Dublin “yall better ask my agent...” referred to something happening this morning! #Seahawks

    Hmmm... Could be something, could be nothing. But its the offseason so this is the type of posts you get!

  • I really don't want to lose Earl too.

  • Hm... this is unfortunate.

    Love Earl but they gotta move him if they could if they weren't going to extend him.

  • It took all the departures and heart ache that come with it for me to realize that Earl is my current favorite Seahawk. I honestly didnt really have one, I thought.. Id moved as a kid to being more fan of individual players than the whole of the team.. to quite the opposite. But Earl is my favorite.

    But if the team has to move on, it has to move on. It didnt move on fast enough on a couple players, in my opinion.

    But Earls jersey will always be a treasure to me, his play an inspiration, his attitude -- well.. there wont be another Earl along.

    If he is indeed gone, he earns by eternal respect and awe. For me he is the ultimate Steely Eyed Missile Man.

  • I mostly posted this so if something really did happened then we can say that we heard it from Ireland first. But really I don't know how much stock I put into this report. Not from the Ireland folks, I believe they reported what they heard, but from Earl. With all the stuff he's been getting whenever he answers this question in the past I kind of don't blame him from staying out of it. I think this will be the standard response from Earl from now on. The interesting part to me was that he divulged that he had received a call from his agent that morning and that he mentioned this in direct response to a trade question. I don't doubt he has all kinds of communication at all times with his agent, but mentioning a call when posed a trade question makes me think something really is cooking.

  • Oooo.... Jets recinded the huge offer to Ndamukong Suh.... And this after the Ireland news about Earl..... A trade of whom, would give the Hawks more cap room.... PC been maintaining communication with Suh... Suh a NW guy maybe wanting to play his last years out close to home...

    K, thats all I got. But as fuzzy as the picture of Suh in a Seahawk uniform may be, it is starting to come little more in focus.

  • Seahawks have already signed a couple of DTs (ex Viking DTs are all the rage this year used to be ex Viking WRs..) and I dont even think Seattle is mentioned anymore in the Suh Sweepstakes. Im not even sure they made him an offer. Id love Suh in a Seahawk jersey but I dont thint it will happen.

    Earl? Id say 75% chance he is not a Seahawk in September.

  • Suh talk is just me and me only. You're right Seattle is not mentioned anymore. Im just speculating how the pieces would fit together if he actually got signed by Seattle. I even have a couple more!

    Ooooo.... He actually did not go for the most money (Jets), .....allowing the Jets offer to expire has left him in a worse position during these contract negotiations..... No signs of Seattle to report on because Suh is waiting on Seattle not the other way around.... JS had to protect himself and sign a couple DTs in case Suh got an offer he couldn't refuse..... Signing Suh wouldn't be the first time a team has swooped in out of left field to snatch up a free agent....

    There is just so many little things about this that could, possibly, potentially, be pointing toward Seattle.

    Which reminds me of one more: the video. On the first day he was said to have been getting his release from Miami where was he? Seattle. He even talked about what a big day it could be. He couldn't visit VMAC until after his release because of tampering rules. Miami ended up granting his release a few days later after he left Seattle to go home to Portland. Conversations since then with Pete may have in lieu of a visit.

    Ok, I gotta stop there. Its like everything is adding up to 23. Its worth mentioning, I'm ho-hum about Suh a Seahawk. He's kind of a fargging icehole.

  • Like I said:

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    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter
    Former Dolphins’ DT Ndamukong Suh reached agreement with Los Angeles Rams on a one-year, $14 million deal, per source. Suh took less to go to LA.

    Suh and Aaron Donald now manning LA’s front.

  • Rams are pretty damned stacked and seem to be going after OBJ now.

    A little depressing.

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