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Bennett indicted?

  • Now I'm wondering if the FO knew this was coming? It might not be a big deal in Philly, but in Seattle it would.

    Of course he hasn't been convicted or pleaded yet. But if true, shame on you Mike!

  • Man this is terrible if true.

  • I would say it'd be even more terrible if it's not true.

    Wagering a guess, any harm to the old gal was inadvertent, but obviously not enough info to know at this point. We know how excited Mike gets so nothing is really off the table. I really doubt he purposefully hurt a 66 year old woman in a wheelchair, but I guess anything's possible. And even if hurting her wasn't intentional, if she was hurt as a result of his actions he deserves to pay for it.

    Will be interesting to find out if the Hawks knew this was coming and how/if it'll affect the trade.

  • After Bennett pushed two female stadium employees, Acevedo said, Bennett addressed the women by saying, “Y’all must know who I am. I can own this motherf—–. I’m going onto the field whether you like it or not.”

    Acevedo also said the 66-year-old paraplegic sustained a sprained shoulder when Bennett pushed her. A 28-year-old woman was pushed as well, per Acevedo.

  • If that truly happened then he's an absolute embarrassment.

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    Must have been real hard to find Bennett among all those other black players on the field.

    This story is playing out like the Las Vegas story; lots of heresay with no concrete video proof. The

    The Seahawks and the Eagles have both confirmed they were not aware of the indictment until the announcement today. I don't see how this factors in Seattle's decision to move Bennett since the story from the police seems pretty flimsy. Still waiting for the Las Vegas police to provide that proof we're all waiting for.

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  • Seems like a pretty silly situation for a felony indictment. But I guess since she was technically a "security guard" that automatically advances it from a misdemeanor to a felony in the state of Texas. Seems like the cops trying to stick it to him IMO.

    Sounds like he was being an entitled jerk, and if he really hurt that old lady then yeah, he should be on the hook for all her medical expenses and whatever else, but a felony assault charge? More than a year after the incident? C'mon. That's silly. Likely they saw what happened in Vegas and decided to pursue criminal charges.

  • My guess is nothing comes of it and the charges get dropped.

    Unless they can provide more than one officer's testimony, I don't know how they can prove this.

    I don't know how NRG field is built or where Bennett was before coming down to the field to celebrate with his brother... but I seriously hope the HPD has an air-tight case if they want to actually prosecute Bennett. I would hate for this to be a ploy to just damage his name but I don't think many people will change their opinion of him based on what happened in Las Vegas and now he's not on the Seahawks anymore.

  • Why would it only be the testimony of one officer? We have two female guards as well involved. The odd part of the story for me is him saying "fuck you" to the officer and the officer knowing what happened didn't follow up. My Hope is that it didn't actually happen. A 275 lb elite athlete physically assaulting a elderly handicap female and another female is absolutely appalling. If the 4 people who say are a part of this allegation are plotting together to smear his name then they should obviously be dealt with as well.

  • Will Cain made a good point today and he's been very critical of Bennett in the past: we can't rush to conviction until the evidence has been weighed when dealing with public figures. It's a valid point.

  • Something doesnt smell right. Now, clearly SOMETHING happened.. but, a 275 pound pro athlete wouldnt need to actually physically do anything to get past a 66 year old paraplegic. He regularly gets around left tackles without being touched. And at his height hed sort of actually have to go out of his way to do something to her.

    I feel very much its a Roshomon type situation.. where no one is lying , but how people perceived what happened is very different.

    One thing is for sure.. if a security guard working at a place says "no".. then freaking just listen to them.

    One more thing is for sure: its moronic to pretend someone in a wheelchair is the best choice to be a security guard.

  • @austinslater25 said in Bennett indicted?:

    Why would it only be the testimony of one officer? We have two female guards as well involved. The odd part of the story for me is him saying "fuck you" to the officer and the officer knowing what happened didn't follow up. My Hope is that it didn't actually happen. A 275 lb elite athlete physically assaulting a elderly handicap female and another female is absolutely appalling. If the 4 people who say are a part of this allegation are plotting together to smear his name then they should obviously be dealt with as well.

    That's based on the information that I've read; only the statement by the Police Chief backing the statement of one officer and stating no video evidence is available. No comments were made from either of the female ushers/security "guards."

    There's very potentially a lot of information that was not presented but they made a very strong accusation without a lot of follow up. It's actually quite similar to the statements that Bennett made about the Las Vegas police when his statement came out; very strongly worded story of what he said experienced.

    The idea that they couldn't attend to this crime until September is dumb to me. If you're willing to admit you didn't look into it for 7+ months and then it takes another 7+ months for you to announce the arrest warrant reeks of grandstanding.

    Side Note: I love how this indictment is getting a lot of attention and proof that Bennett is a terrible person but other indictments are just witch hunts.

  • I actually constantly marvel that more cases arent thrown out in the US when it takes so long to simply indict for something.. its a pretty reasonable argument that based on the type of incident it was, its not a speedy trial and it will be difficult to pull together reliable witnesses for probably 2 minute altercation months ago.

    In particular I suspect this is a case of someone really not understanding their own strength.

  • @veda-the-moor at stadiums they employ handicap individuals as "security" but they typically do accessory work like ushering, ticket work, watchman etc. I've seen them before actually so that part doesn't bother me. But it's possible she was in a position to fail in a sense. In regards to Bennett past actions lead to early judgements whether that's fair or not. He has shown that he struggles with anger with late game cheap shots, victory formation blow ups, diving into an opponents legs and while I know most here will disagree with me but the Vegas video doesn't look good either imo. I guess what I'm saying is that it's not unreasonable to me that Bennett was angry, probably acted intitled and pushed his way through. I DON'T believe he intentionally meant to physically hurt the lady. If that did happen then he is horrible.

    As for taking so's actually pretty common. Indictments can take longer depending on a multitude of reasons.

    Honest question if the two ladies publicly speak out would you guys be more inclined to believe the story?

  • In these kinds of threads I think its important to read what a person is writing , not what you think they are going to write based on past interactions or your own impressions.

    I havent said for a second I dont believe it. In fact I stated explicitly that no one is lying. Two people can experience the exact same event, and when told to describe what happened give radically different versions. This is one reason eye witness accounts are such a bad thing to rely on. Our eye is NOT a movie camera and our brain is NOT a recording device. They are tools shaped by evolution to help us survive, trained to interpret things from a rather selfish viewpoint.

    And I KNOW it often takes very long.. I just wrote that as well.. I literally just wrote about how Im surprised many cases arent thrown out. If a case of simple assault takes months and months just to get an indictment then a) youre likely never going to get real justice as impressions, evidence, memories get contaminated and b) your system is broken because its not fair to ask the average person (not talking Bennett here) to defend what he did a half year, a year, 2 years ago.

    So, to restate I think SOMETHING happened. Your comparisons are weird though. I dont ANY conclusion about this case can be drawn, inferred even slightly implied from someones behavior on a football field to how they behave in a stadium when NOT playing . And I doubly dont think, whatever you think of the Las Vegas incident, that how someone acts in the aftermath of (what they thought was) an active shooting situation can be projected into this at all. Thats just bizarre. Whether things went down as he perceived it or not, do you NOT think he was scared? Everyone he talked to afterwards, who said his voice was trembling, etc.. they were all lying..? So what does what happened in Vegas have to do with this? IF in fact these incidents show a tendency towards violence.. then WHERE IS THE ACTUAL violence? In his 30 whatever years on the planet.. where are the other arrests? Hes so given to this behavior apparently..but its never shown up? Until one day he just decides to go after an elderly woman in a wheel chair? The ironic thing here is that you think its other people showing a bias.

    And your last question really shows that youve been sort of infected with a mind bug that has you looking at things through a bit of a "us-them" prism.. youve sort of taught yourself that a certain group, "liberals" probably.. see evidence in speaking out. I dont think them speaking our or not speaking out has any relevance at all to the truth, but would speak more to their individual characters.

  • @veda-the-moor not to be rude but your post seems weird...I was responding to Sammy's comments. He brought up Vegas multiple times so I responded to it and I have no clue where the "liberal" comment comes from and I'm failing to see where that comes from but it's late so maybe im tired. Literally everything I wrote was a direct response to Sammy. Maybe I quoted it wrong?

    Again it's late, I've had some wine and I'm trying to finish outsider on Netflix but you're post makes zero sense to me and I don't think anyone is being "biased" myself included. What is this us vs them thing?

  • Ok I re-read your post and I'm just as confused by it. Bennett has never shown a tendency to struggle with his emotions? Seriously? I think it's reasonable to assume he might of been upset at being told he couldn't enter and he did anyway.

    I also said I don't believe for a second that he intentionally hurt the lady in the wheel chair so I have literally no idea how you read what you did.

    The final question is you reading way too far into it ironically. Sammy said we only have the one cops account so I asked a specific question because im curious if that solidify the accusation or if it's irrelevant.

    Either I typed it out terribly on my phone or your comprehension of what I wrote is off. Not trying to be snarky but saying I'm confused is an understatement.

    Ah part of the problem I I replied to your post and not Sammy's......maybe that's part of the confusion.

  • If youre replying to Sammy, why does it say "you guys"..? If you were replying to Sammy , you would ask "would you believe them more".. when you write "you guys", thats plural. Ive been abroad for 22 years but my English hasnt slipped that much. (Though saying "play bowling" now sounds totally fine to me. sigh.)

    I 100% agree that he was told he couldnt go somewhere and did it anyway. I would put that more on "entitled". Im a little surprised that you see violence on the football field as evidence that someone cant control themselves off. There are tons of players, some very "dirty" players.. who would never hurt a fly off. Even some that cross the line on the field. How one acts on the playing field represents who you are off in a few cases... but just as often its not relevant in the least. Imagine what kind of person youd think Suh would be if his behavior in game was who he was off the field. Youd think he was Aldon Smith off the field. But hes not. And just as notable, Aldon Smith isnt a dirty player or out of control ON the field.

    Trying to make Bennett out to be some dude controlled by his emotions and rageful based on.. victory formation frustration and whatever happened in Vegas is weird.

  • I was specifically responding to Sammy but wanted others thoughts as well.

    How is it weird? You're doing the same thing without realizing it. We both agree on the intitlement. How'd you get there? Previous behaviors right? Bennett has shown an inibility to control his emotions/anger on the field. Is it that big of a stretch that he might struggle with it under different circumstances? I don't think so. I do think it's a stretch to say because of that he intentionally hurt the handicap lady which I already stated. Also I'm not the first person to make this point so it can't be that weird. You keep getting hung up on the Vegas issue....Sammy brought it up multiple times so I addressed it. Bottom line. If this happened I'm not shocked at all(ironically you aren't either) and fair or not that's my impression of Bennett based on what I've seen.

  • And saying "playing bowling" is weird lol.

  • I'm curious to know how the woman was hurt? Was her wheelchair overturned, (I doubt it.), or did he push her in some way?

    It is common for two people to see the same situation in a different way, and both believe their version is the correct one. It happens all the time. Kind of a Yin/Yang thing.

  • I'm not sure to be honest, I read she had a separated shoulder but don't remember the details? I agree that two people could see the same situation differently and not be lying. Bennett's alleged words don't help him in my eyes though but it seems what it is.... alleged.

  • @austinslater25 To answer your question of "would it change my mind if these ushers/security guards made a statement: Of course.

    It depends on what they say but yes, it would most certainly influence how I viewed the situation.

    I'm not a police officer, lawyer, judge, or anything else with experience with these situations but 14+ months seems like an exceptionally long time for limited information on what damages (if any were suffered at the hands of a 66-year-old paraplegic). I saw "sprained shoulder" but I also saw that no wheelchair was ever overturned...

    So I have lots of doubt of the account of the indictment. More information would greatly shed more like and help me shape my observation of the situation.

    I did notice that Philadelphia does play Houston this year... in Philly though.

  • On my phone so can't give a real response..

    Will say this.. what I'm reading is that there was a bit of confused shoving match.

    If you're gonna make a shoving match over a player using the wrong entrance perhaps using too much force or more than he meant to into a felony-- well, congratulations you're one more reason America is ridiculous in 2017.

    And I still disagree vehemently that being ultra competitive on the field has ANYTHING to do with not being able to control your anger off.

  • @sammyc521 and that's a fair take. Like I said earlier it's important that we don't convict someone in the public eye before due process has been done. We all are guessing based on available information, past experiences and gut feeling. My question wasn't a setup or some me against liberalism as Veda posted and I also don't think anyone is being overly biased. Veda your post still confuses me 🤣

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