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TE Luke Willson signs with the Detroit Lions for 1-year

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    The stats never showed it but Willson was probably the most entertaining person on the team in terms of comic value.

    Never one to take himself too seriously but I will miss his non-football life more than his football life. Glad to see him sign with a team he grew up cheering for.

    From the man himself:


    To be fair... who doesn't love Barry Sanders?

  • Glad for him. I think my favorite play of his was him catching the 2-point conversion pass from Russ in the NFCCG against the Packers as part of that amazing comeback. But I also commend him on become an accomplished Techno Flautist.

    Good luck, Luke!

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    His TD Celebration was always one of my favorites; non-Techno Fluting.

  • A bit sad at this. I thought he really could have been more than he became for us, but Jimmy Graham really stunted his growth. Could have gotten more out of him. When he had that 3 catch, 142yard (?) game versus Arizona I really thought they were starting to figure out how to use him and the speed he had.

    Lions should be a good fit for him and Im glad for him. With Stafford throwing it to him in that offense, he might even be Fantasy usable!

    Super cool dude. Best of luck, Luke.

  • My sons first game he yelled Luke during the warmups and Willson looked over and smiled. Made my kids day. Hoping he gets a chance to shine in Detroit.

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