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Britt option

  • It appears the 'Hawks picked up option on Britt, making him a 'Hawk through '20.

    Cool by me.

  • There was some rumors that they might move on and slide Pocic in but I'm glad they left it alone. He fell off a little last year but curious to see which direction Solari takes them.

  • The rest of the line played so poorly last year it might have affected Britt's performance. Makes sense to me the man might have tried to
    do a little too much and didn't stay 'within his game.' IMHO, or course.

  • Yeah that's a good point. I'm pretty confident they play much better this year. Britt has done it before, Brown is a stud and will be healthy, young guys will be better and the coaching change. I'm always the optimist but I feel good about it.

  • The Line as a whole looked bad but I also think that Britt will look worse with a more inferior support classing comparing 2017 to 2016.

    Hopeful that the new/not new coaching move to Solari will be what the Seahawks need to establish a running game and that alone makes them a more viable team for 2018.

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