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The bigger signings..

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    So..lots happening and frankly I don't have the time to talk on everything go on..

    but what are some of biggest impact signings and thoughts you have so far?

    I feel Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs isnt going to quite work out. They are in theory loaded now but I feel like he needs to be a place he is THE go to guy and the other WRs are seen as complementary.

    Allen Robinson to the Bears feels more like their GM trying to save his job than a great fit.. The Bears are WR needy but not sure this is a situation to get the most out of Robinsons skill set.

    As a Seahawk fan I love the Bradford signing in Arizona..and love that Weddle talked about how much Bradford has been paid for accomplishing almost nothing (well..other than, you know, playing professional quarterback..something only about 25 people out of 300 million plus do well..and isnt THAT mindboggling??)

    Positives.. Bridgewater for the Jets for a year makes sense for both sides. Teddy gets to see if he can still play, the Jets get a rental with option to buy. I'm excited actually to see where this goes.

    And I'm afraid that the 49ers are suddenly legit.. while we are losing a lot...

  • Basically... everyone is overpaid at this point.

    There's not a single contract given that I feel warrants the player... maybe Case going to the Broncos. I think he has the best chance for success based on the contract.

    Can't believe Cousins got a 3-year guaranteed deal. Vikings think they can win it all.

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