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ESPN replacing Gruden's "QB Camp" with Russell Wilson Series

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    Over the last eight years, part of ESPN’s pre-draft coverage included the QB Camp series that featured Jon Gruden watching film with and talking to top quarterback prospects.
    ESPN announced that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will host four half-hour episodes of QB2QB before this year’s draft and will mentor prospects, share experiences from his transition to the NFL and “explore mental conditioning” during the series. He’ll spend time with Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph, Ohio State quarterbacks J.T. Barrett and Penn State running back Saquon Barkley (ESPN notes that episode will be QB2RB).
    The episodes will premiere on April 17 with the draft getting underway in Dallas on April 26.

    Since this is just more off-season stuff I think it's kind of cool that it's Wilson that's talking to all these prospects... if I were another team I would kind of be upset that an opposing player gets so much face-time with Wilson; could impact players down the road.

    Ultimately, it's not a surprise; Wilson is probably one of the most marketable players in the NFL that really attracts a wide-range of people.

    Here's the episode of Wilson on Gruden's QB Camp:

    Youtube Video

  • If he doesn't go into his 'Christ mode,' it should be fun.

  • A little worried about how much this will cut into batting practice...

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