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*(EDIT) Alert: PC at combine 9:00 AM Pacific Thursday

  • Also will be on Seattle radio 710 ESPN with John Clayton at 11:00 Am Pacific.

    I think JS will be doing interviews today. Should be some real Seahawk news coming today.

  • Highlights in my view:

    *Chris Carson - Pete gushes about his all around skills. Catching, Blocking.

    *Supports Russ's baseball at bats

    *Lots of gushing over new coach hires.

    *-EDIT- Solari will be looking for slightly different lineman than they've been getting. Is diverse in running game.

    *This is first I've heard about Jim Kelley's cancer returning. Pete notes he's a great competitor and wishes him the best.

  • More Highlights:

    • Defensive Pass Interference - expects grabing if beat badly. Not really concerned.

    • Excited about Duane Brown being with team. Expects him to effect other players positively.

    • nothing new on Kam

    • nothing new with Earl.

    • (Damn these question and answers are boring.)

    710 cuts off audio

    What you would expect him to say about the coaching changes. New guys will be great and wishes old guys the best. Yawn. Injured guys continuing to recover. Joked Earl was talking retirement last year at this time then says talks are always happening and will continue.

  • A few surprises:

    • No updates on Malik
    • No solid thoughts on Ifedi's position for 2018 (Stay at RT or move inside to G)
    • Pete points out that K Justin Meyers hasn't missed a kick so far
    • Sherman has had minor surgery on his other ankle (biggest problem is that he'll be in boot during recovery)

  • Like, honestly.. how can there not be an update on Malik? This shouldn't be hard. 3 days of investigative journalism would reveal something. Man the Seattle sports media is a tamed pet... when the closest the entire market has to a journalist that will challenge or investigate a team is freaking Mike Salk you know you've got a team friendly media scene.

    Ifedi.. I think they probably want to let the new staff work with the players and figure it out.

    Sherman's injury is likely going to keep him on the team.. couldn't get value for him coming off the injury.

    Was there any word on Bennett?

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