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NFL Competition Committee discussing Defensive PI limited to 15-yards

  • Some Twitter Dude from the WaPo said:

    NFL competition committee is discussing the possibility of limiting defensive pass interference penalties to, at most, 15 yards.

    I am on the fence on this... this means bad defenses will basically mangle players when getting beat knowing they're giving up first-downs like a holding call... on the other side it also prevents offenses from getting bailed out on shitty execution mail-mary's.

  • I'm all for it! I think 45 yard penalties and such are just way to severe. 15 yards and an automatic 1st down would make me happy. And we all know the NFL lives to make me happy.

    I just really hate when at the end of a game, with just seconds left on the clock, the offense can just chuck it hoping for that ridiculous yardage from a pass interference penalty to get into field goal range to win the game.

  • It wont happen.. they've tried this before..maybe..late 80s or early 90s?

    You have to change how PI is enforced, not change the rule. Changing it to 15 yards max you will just have safeties knocking down players in the end zone all the time, have corner backs tackling receivers 2 yards past the line of scrimmage when they know they are already beat..because 15 yards is obviously better than not just a TD, but a 16 yard gain.

    You just have to stop letting offenses use PI as a bail out play. Only call it on high percentage type plays, not every play. Basically, for all the rule changes that have made scoring more common.. there is finally some push back that it has gone too far and you need to acknowledge the defender has a right to the ball and that not every touch is "interference".

  • I'm torn. I've seen some ridiculous calls that tilt the game on bogus pi calls like the Patriots got at the end of the first half against Jacksonville. I've also seen the defense completely bailed out in college games on that would be a huge play when the DB tackles the wr. I think they need to hold the officials more accountable and not call ticky tack PI's on third and 30 on a pass punt. They called one against Seattle in the Houston game that was 15 yards overthrown.

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