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Is the Franchise Tag exceeded it's use?

  • So the last person the Seahawks have Franchised Tagged is Leroy Hill and Olindo Mare... is that right?

    The Seahawks really don't have anyone worth tagging but has the tag itself run its course?

    There's limitations so it won't be the issue that Walter Jones and the Seahawks faced when he would sit out all of training camp only to come in on week 1 and dominate everyone.

    No one is giving up two first-round picks for any Franchise Tagged players like the Cowboys did for Joey Galloway.

    It seems like the only benefit is that it gives teams ultimate control over a player without much recourse.

  • Kirk Cousins had it applied to him and he showed how players can use it to their advantage so I think it will be used less-- not because it's outlived it's usefulness but because players FINALLY woke up and realized it can be used as a tool in long term negotiations to get them more money.

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