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MLB: Russell Wilson traded to NY Yankees

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    @Lymon your QB is now playing for your two favorite teams. Writes:

    The Texas Rangers on Wednesday traded Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to the Yankees for future considerations. Wilson, a four-time Pro Bowler, is expected to appear at the Yankees' Grapefruit League camp in Tampa, Florida, sometime in February or March.
    Wilson, 29, has no plans to emulate Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson and try to reinvent himself as a two-sport athlete, sources familiar with the situation told ESPN. But he's maintained his love for baseball and wants to continue his ties to the sport.
    He has long expressed a desire to play for the Yankees, and Rangers general manager Jon Daniels and his New York counterpart, Brian Cashman, have spent several weeks working to accommodate his wishes, a source told ESPN.

    Smart PR move by the Yankees and Wilson. He gets to hang around the largest media people and expand his brand. Yankees get to ride the feel-good story about having a Superbowl-winning QB associated with their already successful franchise.

    Wilson is now the best QB in NYC.

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    I love good theatre. 🙂

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    Took a 2-2 pitch high & tight and struck out.

    Amazed he got to play in a real-game experience.

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    Amazed he took on a 2-2 in his one chance..

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