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Josh McDaniel's jobs the Colts.

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    Got no horse in the race so it's just funny to me.. but man, bad look all the way around.

    Colts announce him as their coach.. he says "no I'm not!".

    Colts shouldn't have announced it obviously without the signature , but think how sure they must have been and how he must have led them on.

    Colts are working real hard at becoming the new Browns.

  • Totally funny.

    On the serious-side; McDaniels may have gotten cold feet moving his family (but the life of the NFL coach is always about transition and maybe someone foot hit the ground).

    On the funnier side of things... so many FU's thrown around.

    Kraft definitely wanted to tell Irsay/Colts to fuck off by screwing them over on their HC signing. #DeflateGate

    Funny that McDaniels basically shooting his chances at any other coaching positions outside of NE; who else will want to take a risk on a guy like that.

    The NFL should really re-think its hiring policy about teams waiting for the last minute if coaches are still in the playoffs. Either block everyone from hiring until after the SB and then treat it like Free Agency where people sign deals as the clock strikes 12:00 EST.

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